With the end of the Decade approaching, what has been the gun or gun accessory of the decade?


Another interesting question popped up on the old B-ARFCOM the other day. The poster asked the question above. This really got my gears turning because a lot has happened since 2010. Howard and I discussed this for a good hour Friday night and both came to the same conclusion. He was originally going to write about it but I think he forgot but I’m sure he will add to this later.

First lets take a look at what the BARFCOM user offered up as what he thought was the most influential.

What do you think has been the most important, innovative or game changing thing the firearms community has seen since 2010?

Some random stuff I thought of:

300 Blackout
Binary triggers
Pistol braces
SilencerShop Kiosk (made attaining suppressors very easy for many people)
E-File Form 1s
Freedom Files/ 3D printed firearms
Delta P Brevis 3D printed suppressors
Magpul D60 (reliable drum mag)
Geissele Super Precision mount
JP Silent Capture Spring

Some of this stuff may have already been around, kinda hard to tell sometimes.

What are your suggestion? (other than beowulf X

Ok so , no offense to the original poster but most of those are dumb.

The 300 blk out has been around since the 90s under its real name ,the J.D Jones made .300Whisper. It’s also not really all that game changing.

The MLOK is certainly in the running. There is a real trend of going to the thinner more streamlined FF hand guards and away from quad rails. Personal opinion on the phasing out of the rails aside, this is not going to reverse.

Binary triggers. I’m not even going to humor that suggestion.

Pistol Braces. Now we get to it. There has been a super nova level explosion in use and popularity of the pistol brace. It has given people the ability to have a not-SBR that essentially gives you the same flexibility and compactness. And look how far the designs of the braces have come? We went from a rubber deal that wasn’t easily adjustable to something that acts just like a REDACTED. We haven’t really seen anything that has opened up more potential for users than the AR15 pistol brace.

The 3D printed stuff certainly has been a huge step forward but has not hit the wide appeal and use of the pistol brace. That may change int he next 10 years depending on a few factors that make politicians nervous.

Suppressors have had a huge jump in popularity, but they have been around a very long time. And while lots of hardcore gun people use and own them, they are not “mainstream” enough compared to the pistol brace. If they were not NFA items them that would have been a different story.

The D60. No. That is abusrd.

The rest of the list reads just like the OP’s favorites. Not realistically in the running.

As for guns, I don’t think any thing has come out in firearms to be distinct enough and new enough to move the needle much. The Ar15 pistol goes along with the brace. The two rose together.

Let us know what your vote is for. It doesn’t have to be anything listed already and hopefully Howard will edit his thoughts in this evening.


  1. The two biggest game changers I could think of were RMR style optics for pistols and Youtube/internet gun videos.

    RMRs make pistols easier to shoot once you learn to bring the dot up, especially if you have to wear bifocals like I do. Even with good vision, the difference between someone learning to shoot with a red dot is noticeably better than iron sights.

    Good or bad, most people under 40 get most of their gun info from the internet. There are so many easy to find videos on firearms reviews, repair, and kit. If you can separate the wheat from the chaff there is more information available than ever before, and it encourages people to join the community. Forgotten weapons was my gateway drug, and I got my C and R in 2013.

  2. Agreed on the pistol brace – I can’t think of anything bigger.

    I agree that the 300 BO doesn’t win this honor but hand-waving it as just a 300 Whisper is a bit harsh. Standardizing what was once a niche wildcat round and proliferating it across multiple platforms isn’t nothing.

      • The sane part of my brain says to shrug and move on. Not looking to get into a pissing match as this is your place and all…and I suspect you know all this but…

        Yes, the BO and Whisper are dimensionally identical. I’m familiar with JDJ’s work and had a strong desire for a Whisper Contender long ago….hell, I still want one but I want *all the guns* so that’s not saying much. I followed the BO from fairly early on and my initial reaction was, “Whatever…just a Whisper”.

        That being said, one is SAAMI and the other isn’t and, as John says, being able to buy commercial ammo is a BFD for non-reloaders. The testing to get a cartridge certified is non-trivial and an awful lot of Whisper load data is useless in a semi-auto.

        Also, I don’t know if “most” is the right word but an awful lot of commercial cartridges started as wildcats. Saying a 22-250 is just a necked-down 250 Savage is technically true but…I dunno, aggressively flippant?

        Again, your house, respect. I won’t belabor the point or bicker. I have become a BO fan for short barrel/suppressed reasons so your statement kinda struck that same nerve as, “It’s just a 30 Carbine.”

          • Cool. I guess I’ve become used to comment sections that tend toward sensitive, childish and vulgar so I tread lightly.

        • I have no skin in this game, but that was well said.

          It’s rare to see respectful debate on the intratubes. Good on you for saying your say, and the same to Shawn for letting you say it.

          It’s how Gentlemen behave, and made me appreciate the forum even more.

  3. For me personally, I’d say the pistol brace is solidly in 1st place with modular silencers (adjustable lengths and mount types) coming in 2nd. This last few years really seems to be the golden age of silencer innovation.
    For the firearms community at large, I say that the cost of an entry level AR being roughly half what it once was is huge. This has made it much easier for folks on the fence to justify buying their first AR-15. I think that has really helped further the normalization of the AR as just another rifle in the mind of many people.


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