U.S. Military use of the Glock


In 1985 the US Military adopted the Beretta 92FS as the M9 pistol, which lead to much weeping and gnashing of teeth.

Despite the adopting of the M9 and it’s wide service, a handful of other pistols were used. For example the M45 MEUSOC M1911, H&K MK23MOD0, etc.

Some time back, some of the high speed low drag guys (Delta) were seen running around with .40 caliber Glock model 22 pistols with tan “dark earth” magazines. Around that time a longer and larger 22 round dark earth Glock magazine started to be produced. Glock fans went nuts drooling over blurry photos and when a used dark earth Glock magazine showed up they sold for ridiculous prices.

Turns out they were not the only group in the military that wanted Glock pistols. But how to get them was an issue. We already had the full size M9 in inventory, there had to be a reason to buy something else. But special mission requirements can get special equipment. So a request for a compact pistol that could be concealable was made, and that is how the G19 made it’s way the US Military.

Some ask, “It is the military, why would they need a concealable pistol?” There are plenty of time when our troops are in non-permissible environments, meeting with people where they can’t in with full gear, or working in civilian attire. Being able to conceal a handgun is a good thing. Below is a video showing MARSOC training with Glock pistols in civilian attire.

A tangential example, the USMC adopted the Glock 19M as the “M007 Concealed Carry Weapon” in 2016. (Same 19M as the FBI) The M007 was adopted for Marines that would need to conceal a pistol, such as criminal investigation units and the crew of the HMX-1 helicopter squadron.

So our military adopted the Glock 19 twice as a concealable pistol.

Glock G19MM007
G26 Gen 3 with Glock Night SightsMK 26 MOD 0
G26 Gen 4 with Glock Night SightsMK 26 MOD 1
G19 Gen 3 with Glock Night SightsMK 27 MOD 0
G19 Gen 3 MOS with Glock Night SightsMK 27 MOD 1
G19 Gen 4 w/ Night SightsMK 27 MOD 2

Yes, a generation 3 Glock with the MOS cut.

Glock won’t sell these to us. At least they haven’t yet.

What I find interesting is all the discussion about the MOS slots on various gun forums tends to be negative. Many of these internet expect say that the MOS cut is terrible and doesn’t work worth a damn, and that you should have your gun milled for the mini red dot of your choice. But oddly enough we have these high speed/low drag military folk working with them just fine.

Also, oddly enough, the military is not using the taller “suppressor height” sights. So the individuals running a Trijicon RMR, Insight MRDS, or other optic can not co-witness with their iron sights.

It is going to be interesting to see if, after the fielding of the SIG M17/M18, we will still see Glock pistols in service. After only 2 years of use, in 2018, the M007 has been scheduled to be replaced by the M18. Rumor mill is that the units fielding Glock 19s are replacing their M9 with the M17s, and holding on to the Glocks.


  1. Couple of quick things:
    Lipsey’s has had a run of 17M and 19M for sale; just stooooopid expensive.

    Don’t forget the SiG M-11, which was also a concealable pistol.

    A buddy of mine runs a G19 for work in a unit that does some pretty cool things. They carry Glocks because a lot of host country forces also use them. They have not gotten M-17s yet, not sure whether by choice or just lack of guns to be issued yet.

    • From what I read, the special run 17M and 19M are not the same as the contact models. That the ones released to the public were just standard 17s and 19s with an M stamped on them.
      The Sig M11 is was what replaced in the Corps by the M007. I believe the M-11 is still in use in many places, but I expect we will mostly see it replaced by the M18.

  2. The MK27s were incredibly useful for groups like NSW. They are able to replace multiple guns significantly reducing inventory. P239s for concealed use, MK25s for standard carry, and are being set up for phasing out the MK24s for suppressed use do to the subsonic HPs that are being used now.

    I doubt for either NSW or USASOC that Glocks are going away anytime soon. Especially considering that they are still the preferred handgun to equip partner forces with.


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