Constitutional Carry Starts Today in Kentucky


It’s a great day here in KY ( God’s State) today. Today anyone in the state who can legally own a gun can enjoy their right without having to ask permission and pay statists to do so. Our excellent Gov signed constitutional carry into law earlier this ear and today is the first day.

237.109 Authorization to carry concealed deadly weapons without a license. (Effective June 27, 2019)(1)Persons age twenty-one (21) or older, and otherwise able to lawfully possess a firearm, may carry concealed firearms or other concealed deadly weapons without a license in the same locations as persons with valid licenses issued under KRS 237.110.(2)Nothing in this section shall be construed to allow the carrying or possession of any deadly weapon where it is prohibited by federal law.Effective:June 27, 2019History:Created 2019 Ky. Acts ch. 10, sec. 1, effective June 27, 2019.

If you are not sure what qualifies as a”deadly weapon” in KY, it’s about anything. Guns, RPG’s knives, Rifles, M240 GPMGs. saps, prison shanks etc.

The definition of a “deadly weapon”, found in KRS § 500.080, includes a wide array of weapons other than guns, including knives (ordinary pocket knives or hunting knives are specifically classified as not being “deadly weapons”), clubs, blackjacks, nunchaku, shuriken, and brass knuckles (including knuckles made from other hard materials).

The state still issues a CC permit for those of us who want to conceal carry across state lines. Ky also recognizes the permit from any other state. Even if that state doesn’t honor KY’s. Wv has recently passed constitutional carry as well. I live very close to WV and could now pass back and forth with a concealed firearm and no permit, as it should be. It’s doubtful we will see national constitutional carry in our lifetimes now, or even national reciprocity. The GOP squandered that chance already like they do every possible expansion of gun rights sad to say. But it is still a great day today here.


  1. I like that other states are engaging constitutional carry.Now,if they really meant “constitutional carry”,affirmation of a birth right,then all not in jail could carry.First off,am not a convicted felon ect.,that said,either you have the right or you do not.Everyday more crazy laws passed and thus soon we will all in theory lose our right to have firearms it keeps up.Keep true criminals in jail or write off the second,same with the first,so called “hate speech” also allowed with all other free speech,reconizing rights for just some citizens a very dangerous slope.The founding fathers would be in either a supermax prison or executed for their actions,lets remember them this 4th!


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