Stoeger “STR9” or Glock ?


A member of B-ARFCOM has recently discovered something familiar about the new Stoeger STR9. It calls to mind the S&W SIGMA.

” So a couple weeks ago we got in the Stoeger STR9. After handling it initially we found it very Glock-ish. Take it apart, it’s damned near an identical copy.

Today we took it down side by side with a Glock 19 Gen 4. Curiosity got the best of us, and we discovered the STR9 slide will go right on the 19 Gen4 frame. (But the 19 Gen4 slide won’t go on the STR9 frame)

Not only will it go right on, the trigger functions and resets, and dropping a pen down the barrel and pulling the trigger, the striker launches it with authority.”

Stoeger left, Glock right

Enhance….Stoeger left, Glock right

Stoeger left, Glock right. Looks familiar…

Lawsuit incoming in 5…4..3…2…


    • And in today’s IP environment, that’s probably enough to get them out from under any complaint by Glock. Sure, they did a lot of R&D (that’s “ripoff and duplicate” folks), but they didn’t make a true clone. Their gun works on the same ideas, but it uses different implemtnation(s).

      Hey, it worked to keep S&W from being successfully sued by Colt over 100 years ago… that’s why S&W cylinders rotate to the left, and Colt’s rotate to the right.

      • Aren’t there people making 100% Glock-compatible non-Glocks these days? AFAIK, you can piece one together at Brownell’s using all third party pieces, including a Polymer80 frame.

    • I recently bought the Stoeger STR-9 and I’m very pleased. My only question is will a Glock 19 16″ aftermarket barrel, fit my Stoeger? Some sites say yes, but sounds like you know something, I would like to know???

  1. Seems the Stoeg has a better slide release(after market for Glock)while Glock has a slightly larger mag release,nope,they ain’t even close!

    I would say perhaps like being in a band,only about 7 original songs,the rest are remakes/slightly different rhythms ect.

  2. Look at the dozens of 1911 clones. Glock will remain in the market, but if they want to remain at the forefront they will need to remain customer focused and make changes and improvements accordingly.

  3. So the rear plate of a Glock 19 gen 4 fits on the Stoeger and doesn’t hang up. Its not as flush as the Stoeger’s rear plate because the back part of the slide on the Stoeger has an angle that makes the exterior shape of it different from the Glock. The exterior of it aside, it fits internally and doesn’t hang up with any moving parts. Is it a good idea to fire it? The Stoeger rear plate is made of polymer and the Glock 19 plate that i have is billed aluminum.


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