People have been buying Glock Autosears


Our gunlaws are stupid. Very stupid.

Prior to 1981, you could own a Drop In Auto Sear (DIAS) for your AR15 making it full auto with out any paperwork as long as it wasn’t installed in a gun. So, people believed you could have and old one, unpapered, as long you didn’t own an AR15. This is not the case as they were outlawed in the 1986 Firearm Owners’ Protection Act (What a misnomer for a name).

Picture of a D.I.A.S. found online

Similar to a DIAS, there were pre-81 Lighting Links. I once saw someone with a bowl full of them selling them as bottle openers. When the seller was informed what they really were, they quickly stopped selling them.

Picture of a Lighting Link found online. Shows a spare paddle.

Now, to get to the point.

Online picture of a Glock Auto Sear. These are popular in Iraq as we gave them lots of Glocks.

For years now, I have seen Glock auto sears for sale. Usually from sellers in other countries, where they are completely legal. Sometimes you would see someone selling some form of auto sear, they would usually have an address right near one of the ATF branch offices.

So I had figured all these various ones for sale were ATF stings.

I was wrong. Here is where things get interesting.

“Airsoft” Glock Autosears were sold on Amazon and $68 on Amazon, the ones were at cheap as $12. These Chinese knockoff are not all airsoft. Some of them work. The airsoft ones could also be modified to work in a real gun.

So, lots of people bought illegal, ahem undocumented, auto sears. So, the ATF is tracking down people and confiscating these illegal ahem migrant auto sears and threatening to prosecute people. I am reading that multiple thousand of these illegal dreamer auto sears have been sold through

Huh, maybe if this keeps up, we can try to get them legalized due to common use.


  1. You can break lots of NFA laws on Amazon. They sell—or used to anyway—“solvent traps” that will broker a standard barrel thread to an oil filter. The idea is that you screw that baby on your .22 rifle, screw on an oil filter, and the oil filter catches your Hoppe’s as you clean your barrel.

    Of course, if you bust a round through the bottom of the oil filter, I suppose it would quiet the report of the shot, thus earning you an ATF rectal prolapsy for life.

    I had cautious hopes for some NFA reforms with the Trump administration to get rid of some of this foolishness, but i stopped holding my breath about the third time I turned blue and passed out.

    Say, I’ve heard of DIASes for AR-15s, but what does a Lightning Link do? Same result by a different method?

  2. The laws are stupid.
    However stupid they are, breaking them accidentally ( Bottle openers!) or purposefully can ruin your life.

  3. The ATF is infact looking for these. I bought 2 from a Chinese co. And the ATF came knocking about 6 months later. They went through my whole house. Every nook and cranny! I gave them the one i still had and was told to look for papper work from us attorney for owning a machine gun. Yes the way the law is “weirded” even though it was not on a gun (nor was there a glock in the house) the little thing it’s self is a “machine gun”. Great! Dont mess with these guys. It’s cool but not practical and DEFINITELY not worth 20 years in club fed!!!d

    • Hey, i know its been a year, but are you still around? My buddy is going through something very similar at the moment and id kinda like to ask you a thing or two if possible. But if our unlikely to even see this i don’t want to put any kind of info out for no reason, lol, so i figured id check first. Thanks.


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