You wouldn’t download an AR15 would you?


There is an effort being made to distribute the design and technical data of the AR15 to the public. This information was already out there, but most of it was disorganized bits and pieces. This is not the proper TDP, but still a collection of information.

I attempted to upload the data to our server for, but the WordPress doesn’t seem to want to let me upload a zip file. So here is the Mega (service) download link.!6YdRmIBK!qKFOLkmQGDBHTLVe6AdJOjBNyO7G0HMoPtzmyx06VO8

I’ve already seen people demanding that this be scrubbed off the net, and that only terrorists would want this information.


  1. I would not download a AR-15 any more then I would download say the put out by feds TM31-210,terrorists might though.

    • I gotta disagree with you there. A free man should be able to have what ever knowledge they are willing to learn. There is also nothing wrong with making your own firearms.


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