Stock Removal Tool / Not-A-Bumpstock


Reposted with permission from forums. Written by notso.

We made these stock removal tools to help ease the removal of a M4 stock from the buffer tube. The plate is thick enough to unlatch the stock from the holes in the buffer tube. Pull the tool away from the stock and it will pull it out enough to clear the slot completely and you can remove the stock.

I first came up with this right after the hoopla started after Vegas. The first ones were angle iron and pieces of a cutting board from the dollar store.

The drawing here was used to have the steel plates lased and bent.

The idea is similar to the brace idea. I, the manufacturer built these as stock removal tools, regardless of what you did with them. 

They don’t attach to the gun, they don’t replace anything. I don’t know if ATF would consider it a bump stock, but its not a stock of any kind either way. 

I present it here as a pattern. I am not selling these. Do not ask me to sell you one, I wont. I am giving out the dimensions and the concept.

Have fun!

ETA: Works on anything with a M4 stock, including AKs and such, as long as it is long enough to reach with whatever adapter is on there. 

If you take the plastic plate off and flip it upside down, it will work for left hand as well. 


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