PSA: Boresnakes are color coded.


I found this picture online when I was looking for a chart, I don’t know how up to date it is.

Now I’m not a big fan of the Boresnake as I think people use it in lieu of a proper cleaning, but I do think the Boresnake is a very useful tool well worth having.  I really liked that I had one in Iraq to quickly clear sand out of the bore of my rifle.

I was house cleaning yesterday and I think I found enough parts laying around to build another AR.  While on this journey of discovery (of the garbage I’ve collected) I found another Boresnake of a different color pattern than the couple I use.  So I was looking at this newly discovered green and tan Boresnake and I realized it is my .30 cal Boresnake.  Apparently I had forgotten I had a 9mm Boresnake and had been using the 9mm on on .30 cal bores.  Humpth.  Well it worked.

I hear that now Hoppes stamps the brass part of the bore snake with caliber markings, but none of mine have this stamping.

So, try to stay more organized than me.  And if you don’t know the caliber of a Boresnake you can look it up.


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