We are coming up  on the 1 year  point of the passing of our friend Kevin, also known as “Hognose” the owner and writer of

If you have not been to his website which is now preserved as is by his brother as a monument to Kevin, you are missing out on what was honestly the best gun culture blog on the internet.  I will let Kevin’s own words on his website speak for themselves below.

The Best of WeaponsMan Gun Tech


Since his passing he has been sorely missed by his family and many friends and readers.    You will have noticed that we often repost a lot of Kevin’s technical articles in an attempt to save them in case something happens to the weaponsman website and to help others discover his writing,

After Kevin died, his brother  had to sell Kevin’s collection and take care of his estate.  When he announced this sad fact of life, he made a post about it on his brother’s website with a list of the many fine firearms Kevin owned.   I was very keen to buy one of Kevin’s guns as something to remember him by and to keep in his honor.

I had just at the time spent a large amount of a few pistols so I was not able to buy  some of the highly desirable pieces like the Johnson rifle.  I was able to buy an old vintage .22 rimfire bolt action rifle.

It is a Springfield single shot from a time before series numbers.

It is in pretty rough shape with several parts missing.  I have been looking online  for the parts needed to restore it to shooting condition.

Much of the parts are missing and it has a pretty tricked out tack to act as a means to keep the bolt knob down.

The rifle was clearly sold as a cheap offering likely for boys. It was made with no buttplate. I know because it has none and has no holes for where the screw to hold one would be.


I don’t know the back ground story of how Kevin got the gun or how long he had it. I liked to think he owned it as a boy and imagine him running around the New England woods shooting chipmunks and cans imagining his future  self shooting commie  as the Army Green Beret he became when he grew up.

I hope the gun will get restored by me soon but if not thats ok. I didn’t buy it for that.   I bought it to honor a man I much admired.  And it is one of the most valuable guns in my safe.

If any of you purchased one of Kevin’s  guns from his estate, please let me know and share with the rest of us.

About Hognose

Former Special Forces 11B2S, later 18B, weapons man. (Also served in intelligence and operations jobs in SF).


  1. Can’t believe it’s been that long already. Would have loved to get something of his too but alas my situation would not allow it. Still making my way through the archives. Up to march 2014 currently.
    Constantly find myself thinking “what would hognose say about this.” The man was a wealth of knowledge and insight.
    Perhaps we should have a new acronym to throw around. WWHND or something along those lines.

  2. Thank you Shawn. I miss him everyday. I bid on his Thompson but couldn’t win. I did by a IMI CZ clone that I think he would appreciate, though.

  3. I’m with you guys. Even from the other side of the planet I constantly wonder “Jeez…what would Hognose have to say about *that*?”

    I can put words together, but that man was an artist with the English language. He’ll always be missed.

  4. I see I’m not the only one who still longingly reads those old posts. Not surprising, actually. I really wish he could weigh in on current affairs.

    Interestingly, today I was trying to find an old recording of Kevin appearing on the Mother’s Brother Hour podcast from back on May 18th, 2016 (see WeaponsMan post about it here:

    I’m curious if anyone knows where the audio can be found, as it appears the links from the WeaponsMan post and comments no longer work.

      • I reached out to the host and he didn’t have a copy; they switched podcast companies or something. I need to look at my backups archives. It’s possible it was in a temp cache somewhere on my hard drive. That was a great interview btw.

  5. I would like Kevin’s brother to know that at least one avid reader of Kevin’s blog is still willing to contribute to a scholarship in his name. With all the anti-gun blather going on within schools I would like to support a school that helped to produce a person like Kevin. I still check in once in a while to see if the scholarship is mentioned. If it ever is, perhaps that info could be posted here in case I miss it.


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