“Test your gear” -or- “How Larue Tactical made me look bad”


All of us are human, we can all make mistakes.  This goes doubly true for firearm companies.

A friend of mine purchased a Larue rifle on my recommendation.  Much to our dismay, it did not function out of the box.  (My punishment for highly recommending anything)  It was short stroking.  Closer inspection showed that one of the socket head hex screws on the boltcarrier key appears crooked.  Most likely the head has broken off the bolt shaft allowing the Bolt Carrier Key to become just loose enough to cause the gun to short stroke.  Larue Tactical is already replacing the BCG.

If you buy quality, you are less likely to have issues, but there is always the chance of problems.  Test your gear.



  1. I recently helped a buddy pick parts for his first AR build. A few days later, I get a call – rifle no go bang. I told him to bring it over along with the rounds that wouldn’t fire. Had all my tools out and ready but checked easy stuff first. Turned out the firing pin was 0.030″ below min spec and barely touching the primers. Quality manufacturer, non-cheap’o build. Everybody screws up at some point…trust but verify.


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