Glock Appears To Have Made Changes To The G42


It appears Glock has quietly modified several internal parts on the new G42’s rolling off the line. This may be to address feeding/ammo issues that have been reported in the G42. Recently I acquired a new G42 to compare. I purchased a blue label G42 on the first day of release, after Shot Show in January. I found the G42 to be very problematic and mine was extremely unreliable. In every magazine fired, I had  failures to feed and even double feeds, after the first round fired. Several of my co-workers also bought G42’s the same day and have had the same feeding and extraction issues. Several different kinds of ammunition were used, mostly quality ammo i.e. (Federal, American Eagle, Speer Lawman, HPR JHP with Hornady XTP) and others.

Recently, I was called about a new batch of G42’s that had just come in at GT Distributors. I had also become aware, that Glock might have quietly made some small internal part changes, to current G42’s coming of the production line. I notice some part changes/modifications immediately upon looking at the new G42’s. Once I was able to fully strip the new G42, I noticed more changes in the internal parts. The most curious possible change was to the frame.  Although I could not figure out how the frame might have been changed, it was distinctly marked differently than the first run G42 I have.

New G42 (test fire date 12/19/13), Old G42 (test fire date 3/25/14)
New G42 (test fire date 3/25/14), Old G42 (test fire date 12/19/13)

I have not been able to fire the newer G42, to see if the changes Glock has made make the firearm more reliable. I  just wanted to get this information out as soon as possible, I will do a follow up article to update its performance, once I am able to find more ammunition. For now, let’s look at some of the changes.


Let’s look at the most obvious changes first. The magazines have been changed slightly. The new magazines are not as jagged and have been smoothed/contoured at the top, on each side.  Notice how jagged and sharp the older magazines are. Both magazines have a different shape, this more than likely helps with feeding and added room in the slide, next to the slide stop lever.

New Magazine (left) Old Magazine (right)
New Magazine (left) Old Magazine (right)
New Magazine (left) Old Magazine (right)
New Magazine (left) Old Magazine (right)

Update: There is a third revision on the magazines as of June.  While I don’t have a picture, the Third revision on the magazine has the right side of the magazine shaved down where it makes contact with the trigger bar. Magazine looks just like the new ones above, but the right side is slightly shaved down.

Slide Stop Lever:

The Slide Stop has been redesigned, with a rounder magazine tab. It has a new part number and this will also correspond with another interesting marking, as we strip the new G42 down further. The newer Slide Stop is rounded more, where it makes contact with the Magazine Follower.  The new Slide Stop  has a (-1) added to the end of part number, to identify the difference in the part.

New Slide Stop (left), Old Side Stop (right)
New Slide Stop (left), Old Side Stop (right)
New Slide Stop (top), Old Side Stop (bottom)
New Slide Stop (top), Old Side Stop (bottom)
New Slide Stop (left), Old Side Stop (right)
New Slide Stop (left), Old Side Stop (right)

Trigger Mechanism Housing:

The Trigger Mechanism Housing (TMH) has been slightly modified at the top, directly across from the ejector. An extended cut lip has been added to the top right side of the TMH. The part number has remained the same but the new TMH has been marked with a (1) on the right side.

New TMH (left), Old TMH (right)
New TMH (left), Old TMH (right)
New TMH (left), Old TMH (right)
New TMH (left), Old TMH (right)


What I found interesting was the frame on the new G42 was marked with a (1) inside of the frame, on the right side, of the trigger hole. I have never seen a frame on a Glock marked in this area. I also found it interesting that the new Slide Stop Lever and Trigger Mechanism Housing were also marked with a (1). Now, I could not find any feature that differed between the frames, other than the added mark. It does not appear that the frame has been changed by just looking at it. Update: Some of the new frames coming out since June are being marked with a (2).

New Frame marked (1) (left), Old Frame unmarked (right)
New Frame marked (1) (left), Old Frame unmarked (right)
New Frame (top), Old Frame (bottom)
New Frame (top), Old Frame (bottom)

Final Thoughts:

I will see if these changes make a difference in how the newer G42 works. Without information from Glock, there is no way to tell if Glock has made changes to the frame that cannot be seen. It is interesting that all the parts have been marked with a (1) that correspond with the frame number. I have looked at a few of the new G42’s that have the changed parts and they have been marked the same. After completely stripping both the frame and slide of all parts, I did not see any other parts that were different than the ones I have discussed.



    • Good article. I do think the comparison pictures would be much more useful two parts being compared were taken at the same angle (rather than side-by-side in the same photo.) Also, circling or otherwise visually highlighting the area of interest would help some of us less informed in our understand of your point. Thanks for taking the time to update us all.

      • I purchased one a year ago and have never had an issue with it. I have fired Winchester, Remington, American Eagle, and Hornady ammo though it with good accuracy and zero issues.

        • Im glad someone has something good to say about the Glock 42. Even my G19 gen 4 had issues when new. Both are great guns. Ni issues on either one. Also I do all the repairs to all of my guns. Been doing this for 55 yrs. I believe Glocks to be the best. And the easiest to work on. My opinion only.

      • I just sent back my G42. Glock replaced my magazines, slide stop lever and trigger bar. It was back at my house in 12 days, not too bad. Haven’t shot it yet, but just cycling some ammo through it makes me believe it’s better. I’ll find out tomorrow.

    • Had the same problem until I put Pearce 1/2″ extension, not adding another round. You are limp writing like I and so many others who will admit it did. I also polished the feed ramp. I have run 500 rounds without any issues! There is nothing wrong with the Glock 42, besides the price!

      • Once I received my G42 back from Glock, I still had problems. Sent it back a second time and Glock admitted there were ‘issues’ with this piece. They destroyed it and sent me a new G42.
        This is not ‘limp writing’… it’s a fact.

      • Thanks for educating me on my spelling. If you did your homework, you would see that 80% of the complaints on the Glock 42 are due to, not holding onto the gun properly, being that the grip is quite small. I am not saying that manufacturing quirks don’t exist, but you must have had a really dangerous weapon in your hands for Glock to destroy your new gun and issue a new one. Glad you didn’t hurt yourself or someone else. Have a great day and enjoy your new Glock 42!

      • besides your limp wrist it seems like you have other issues, possibly denial. if there is nothing wrong with the gun why did Glock seem fit to fix something that didn’t exist? I’m sure they wouldn’t spend that kind of money to redesign a “quirk”. how many other Glock models have had those kind of “quirks” when they first came out? if YOU did YOUR homework maybe you wouldn’t be so smug and realize that you might possibly be incorrect. don’t take out your insecurities on other people.

    • I can’t totally agree with you about the TMH. My Trigger Mechanism Housing looks like the old model except mine has the extended cut lip on the top right side of the TMH. It doesn’t have the number 1 on it either.

  1. Great breakdown of changes Glock is making. A lot of silence from Glock concerning the G42. I purchased mine about a month ago. No shooting/ammo problems (have only shot CCI Aluminum through it). Don’t like that ejected brass comes straight back. Broke the small black plastic piece that the trigger spring fits on during dis-assembly – no parts available from Glock. Came up with my own repair to be able to shoot the gun.

  2. Thanks for this update. I got mine in late March and mine has the 1 stamped in it as well. I’m glad they got this taken care of cause Ive had zero malfunctions in 350 rounds of various ammo like 95 grain lawman, 90 grain PMC, 90 grain gold dots and 95 grain american eagle. Thanks alot for the info much appreciated.

  3. I purchased my 42 on May 8 and have put 250 rounds down range with no problems with Hornady Critical Defense, Winchester FMJ, Blazer FMJ and Independence FMJ. My 42 is also marked with the #1

  4. Has anyone noticed the Feed Ramp on their 42? I saw a few at a gun shop that had “raw” unfinished metal for the Feed Ramp. Same shop had one with a finished Feed Ramp.

    Looks like some Feed Ramps have been “re-milled” (modified) after they were finished??

    Maybe some type of error correction??


    • Frank, one of the first things I looked at on several of the first run and the newer production G42’s, was the feed ramp. They all appeared to look the same. I noticed no difference in angle or cuts. As far as the finish look, they appeared to be the same as well.

    • Yes i just purchased my 42 and shot it around 13 times and every round was jamming up FTF. Did some research online not many fixes, my uncle has a 42 also we pulled them apart and the feed ramp is completely different on his he has had zero malfunctions, my gun is more or less an edge he has a nice contoured ramp. Both stamped with “1” My serial begins with AAV his is AAT which should make his earlier than mine. Needless to say its going to glock tuesday

      • I just got my g42 a month ago and every shot jammed for almost the first box and after that not a issue of any kind. Love it. Makes a perfect backup gun.

      • I bought my Glock 42 on 25 October 2016, and fired a box of ammo. Had multiple FTE’s and FTF’s, about 20 % failure rate. Called Glock the next day and was told that my Glock 42 is the latest built because my magazines ended with an 03 on the serial number. Glock told me to use ammo greater than 95 grains and hold more firmly and higher against the curved part of the grip. I’ve not shot it yet. I can understand the ammo issue because Kimber Solo has that requirement for 124 grain or higher 9 mm, but to hold your grip higher into the curved part of the grip seems imbecilic. In a real gun fight I’ll be shooting the gun however it lands in my hands, high and tight or otherwise.

  5. Thanks, this was very helpful and spot on. My daughter just got her Glock back from Glock. New out of the box it jammed and never got better. when I call Glock and told them I have had 7 Glock from carry ones to competition ones. Never did I have a failure in any of them. All they said was sent it in. The next day the shipping box arrived. when it was still at Glock, someone sent my daughter your link. when I read it, I knew you hit on the problem. 14days after the gun was a glock, it was returned. yesterday we put over 100 rounds with no malfunctions. All Glock told her was they swapped some parts and magazines. Everything matched just like your later gun. Her gun was purchased at the Shot Show. prefix was AAP. Thanks Again, Daniel Lucas

  6. I picked up one of the first 42’s to hit the market here in Oklahoma. I haven’t had a single issue with mine as far as functionality and reliability as of yet. I have however noticed some accuracy issues, but then again it wasn’t designed for precision shooting at 25 yards lol. After reading this article, I tore mine apart and I do in fact have the “first gen(4)” 42. This is the first I’ve heard of any issues. Great article though, very nice break-down with image comparison.

  7. My wife bought her 42 the first week of February & the first day on the range noted the many FTF & slide lock back mid-magazine. After shooting some 500+ rounds of various ammo through it, we sent it back to Glock about a month ago. Got it back last week & Glock did ALL the changes you mention above. New mags, new slide stop, new frame (#1 clearly marked as above), new trigger housing (hoping that means new trigger action as well!). We’ll be taking it to the range this week to see how she does.

  8. I recently purchased a 42. The frame has the #1 in it, yet it has the “old” style mags, slide stop, and THM. I fired 200 rounds of different ball ammo with no problems. Now it did have alot of FTF with hornady critical defense.

  9. The “1” in the frame only represents which mold the frame was formed in. Much like the individual numbers you’ll find on various metal parts.

    • 1911fan. You are incorrect. I have never seen this stamping on a glock frame. Something has changed. I have a first run 42 going in to glock now, a coworker of mine just got his first run 42 back from Glock, and his has the frame replaced with the new one stamped frame. To me this indicates something has changed in the frame since the first production run. I have literately had several hundred Glocks through my hands as a department armorer and Glock shooter since 1999. I have never seen the parts I discussed in this article, in any caliber Glock, stamped differently unless the parts have been changed or updated.

      • Mine was born 3/6/14. Jams. No number 1’s anywhere except the slide stop. Polished ramp etc… Deburred everything also. Checked magazines to make sure the ammo was sliding out smoothly. Found that on my 19 and 42, if you load to capacity, it does not feed well!

    • My Glock 42 was received at Dicks sporting goods on 10-1-2014. It has the dash 1 on slide stop & a 2 on inside of frame not a 1. Has all new magazines. Shoots all ammo,with no hang ups.Very happy with the gun.

    • Your Wrong! Call Glock if your really interested in learning the facts before blabbering off at the mounth with ignorant info.

  10. Just sent my Glock 42 into Glock today. I bought my block the first week it was avail. I wonder how long it will take to get back ?

    • two weeks, I have same problem this is my second attempt to get it repaired, they used old parts on the last repair I took the glock 42 range same malfunctions if glock can not fix I just destroy the firearm rather than trade it in.

      • Since polishing feed ramp, lighty sand extractor, and installing Pearce grips, using the proper ammo. Ballistics 101 gives you all the info on ammo. My muzzle poundage recommendation on the 42 is 168# to 220#. This is very important. I use PMC and Ficchoci ammo. No stove pipe, FTF etc… Very dependable. Take it apart, play with it and understand why these changes are important in making this pocket gun reliable, mine is!

  11. Being neither fanboy or a hater of glocks, I will say I was not going to get a g42 due to all the negative press. This is the information that changed that. I went to my local shop, removed the slide and looked for the (1) and brought it on home. I’ve shot it some, not a great deal yet, but everything has been smooth as my other glocks. I just wish they would publicly announce the “fix”, I think it would be a positive.

    Thanks for the great info!


  12. A new model Glock is a new model Glock. Some things just never seem to change. ‘Slide lock’ is NOT an acceptable synonym for, ‘slide stop’.

  13. Great review. I’ve been battling with my decision for a smaller CCW, comparing the relative merits of the M&P9c vs. Shield vs. Glock 42. My duty gun is the Glock 22. My preferential range gun is the M&P 9 Pro. I like the idea of sticking with a familiar platform and I don’t necessarily like the idea of a .380, however, no gun does you any good if you don’t carry it. The previous problems with the 42 made me head shy. However, maybe Glock has sufficiently addressed the problems. Do you have any updates to provide regarding actual performance with the new modifications?

    You’re analysis has made me think more about my decision. Thanks again.

  14. I waited about buying a G42 because of all the feed/misfire problems when it first came out. Thanks for your post. It seems Glock is finally resolving the problems. I just purchased a Blue Label G42 6/18/14. My frame is marked with a “2” rather than “1”. Is that a “Revision #2” model referred to above? Have not had a chance to shoot it yet. Any recommendations on carry ammo and range ammo? Also, does anyone know if +1 or +2 mag add ons are available yet?

  15. From the looks of your first picture of the assembled guns, the frames look different. May be just the angles of the photo but the tail end of the frames seem to have a slightly different pin location and different shape to the tail. May be meaningless or not there at all but that’s all I could see.
    As a dealer I’ve owned several and shot none. Have had no come backs but don’t recall when first one came in (no books in front of me right now). Will be looking at current inventory.
    Thanks for all your work on this, Arnie

  16. Just purchased mine last week and had never heard of the issues before reading this article. Ran to the safe to see if i had a possible 1st series gun. I definitely have the new style because my slide stop is like your picture. Cant’ tell exactly what the difference is in the magazine pictures. But the one difference i have is my frame has the number 2 stamped on it instead of the 1 in your picture. S/N AAVBxxxx. Will have to disassemble it further to see if the rest is the same.

  17. I talked to Glock Customer Service today (7/23/2014) and they said you have your new vs old magazines reversed. They said the magazine that is shaved/beveled more, is the NEW magazine. I just got a new G42, and the two magazines were different from each other. Now I am left to wonder who is right, you or Glock? I have to send one of the mags back for replacement, they told me to send the one that is more rounded off back to them and to keep the one that is more shaved/beveled.

    • AreoNut, the article is correct for when it was written. Glock has since revised the magazine again (3rd) time. They took the smoother magazine in the article and shaved down the right side where it touches the trigger bar, on current production. I will update the third revision soon.

  18. Just purchased mine July 2014 and its test fire date is 6/16/2014 and it has all of the above buy a 2 inside the frame instead if the 1

  19. I don’t understand why I have to hear about this on a random blog. Why isn’t this on the Glock website? Why isn’t there a recall?

    Springfield did the same thing but they admitted to their mistakes. I trust them.

    Glock says there is no problem. I don’t trust them. 48 failures out of 50 is not perfection

    • I agree 100%…..all companies have a problem from time to time……what the good company does is own up to the problem and fix it and I for one will stick with you. But to try to fix the problem and act like it never happened. BAD BUSINESS !!!!!!

  20. On last/bottom photo, see left side of pic (back of mag wells): appears there is a change on the vertical (as pictures) wall that the back of the mag sits against. It may be the angle of the frames in the pic but it appears the beveled edge extends down (as pictured) more on the first run gun.

  21. I looked an have the -1 on the slide catch an have 1 FTE the first shot I fired an one FTF prolly about the 75tg round out of the 42. I was thinking it’s cheap ammo but I’m starting to wonder if it’s the gun. Gonna try new ammo an see what happens.

  22. Duncan,
    Thank you very much for taking the time to share this. Looks like Glock is listening and supporting their customers and the reputation.

  23. 6/14 test fired. Glock 42. Worst gun ever owned. Shot 12 rounds, 10 FTE & double feed. Have a 19 gen 4 and this is my baby. Mags? Problems?

  24. FYI, I recently purchased a new 17 frame from Lucas Tactical in Georgia and it had a 1 molded on the inside of the frame.

    Have one of the early 42’s and have over 300 rounds downrange with only one odd failure, a round of HPR Hornady XTP that seemed to get caught up on the slide stop loading from slide lock. Just took it out last Sunday and had a failure to extract with the first round of Precision One XTP fired one handed. The rest of the magazine went fine firing two handed. I’ll be sending it in for the updated parts, just to be sure.

    • Barrel spring was soooo loooose, it would fall out. Also, feed ramp, if inspected closely with a inspection scope.It shows an unfinished finish. Spent hours polishing it up, and now, walla. Polished the trigger mechanism also. I also added Pearce grips which allows you to wrap your pinky around the grip, thus eliminating limp wrist in which most people are doing without realizing it causing FTE, FTF and stove pipes.

  25. Just use Winchester .380 ammo and all your G42 problems will go away. Hornady makes great ammo however this gun does not like the pointy projectile and thick shell casing wall. If you look at the profile of a Winchester round the tip is very rounded and the shell casing is crimped. I discovered this after trying many brands and having many misfeeds . Now I don’t know if Glock can officially say ” Use only Winchester”, that would probably upset a lot of people. I don’t know. But in my opinion ………they should.

    • I just purchased my G42 on October 8, 9/25/14 bod. Loaded with Winchester 95 grain JHP personal defense. Very first round fired FTF. It has a 1 stamped on frame but the magazine appears to be shaved by hand, the right side is not smooth and had shavings I had to clean off.

  26. I just picked up mine yesterday (10/11/2014), the date collected on the Test Fire case is 08/01/14. My frame has the number 2 and the slide stop has the -1 at the end. My mags appear to be the newer version from the posts above.
    I shot:
    150 rounds of Tulammo 91 grain fmj
    20 rounds of Federal Premium 90 grain Hydra-shok JHP
    20 rounds Sig Elite Performance 90 grain jhp (Is it a sin to use the sig branded ammo in a glock?)

    I only had one issue, it was a failure to fire with one round of the tulammo. When I ejected, I could see a normal looking primer strike(compared to others). I re-chambered and it went bang, I am assuming primer issue, not a light strike problem in cheap ammo.

    I had 0 ftf or fte issues.

    The gun shoots accurately at 10 yards, which IMO is where this firearm is most effective.

    • Thank you Duncan for this Post. Awesome Job.
      I have 3 of these Glock 42’s and Love them all. My first one I purchased in February of this year, and had nothing but issues with it. I contacted Glock by email and phone, Never a response via email, and no luck sending it in at first. i then purchased another one in May and June, and Both have a Casing stamp of May, 2014. Both work as they should. No issues from them at all. I then called Glock back again recently, the guy i spoke with this time, told me they have had Several issues with them, and he would send me a Free shipping label via email. it arrived as we were still on the phone… I sent in my First G42 that day as soon as i got off the phone with glock, and it arrived the very next day in GA. That afternoon I had a voice mail on my phone that a Brand New Glock would be shipping out soon back to me. by the end of the week I had my New Glock and it runs Flawlessly as Expected. It has a casing stamp of 9-12-14. Dang it, i was hoping for a 9-11-14 stamp… 🙂
      I use PMC, Blazer Brass, and federal plinking ammo. I have also put several boxes of Hornady Critical defense through all of them with No issues what so ever. My Wife and Son both Love their Glock 42’s as well. We all carry the Liberty Personal Defense rounds in our little G42’s.
      Can’t wait for the single stack 9mm to come out…
      Stay Safe everyone.

  27. No they didn’t say, just that I had a new one on it’s way. There wasn’t anything noted on the packing slip either. just the Serial number with the new pistol… They also included an extra Magazine. I was Happy 🙂

  28. There’s evidently an “02” marked magazine now (not just the GLOCK OEM pinky/extended mag that only holds 6rds–but a REGULAR mag that is “02” and is different enough that the magguts +1 follower WON’T work in the “02” magazine.
    No word yet on what they changed, but I’m assuming it’s size or angle of the opening (or else the magguts would work).

  29. I bought my 42 the end of may and had no problems to date.. I have no markings 1 or 2 anywhere ?? Has glock recalled the 42,s yet?? We’re problems corrected by may???

    • Yes the glock 42’s were corrected by May. I have 2 of them from may. Both have the number 1 on the frame behind the trigger bar as shown in the photos.

  30. I have a “new” G42. I just picked it up on Tuesday of this week (10-21-2014). I took it to the range last night and put (or more accurately, “tried to put”) nearly 100 rounds through it. I had either/and Failure to Feed, Failure to Eject, Failure to hold open on every magazine (I think one may have gone through cleanly). I tried multiple kinds of ammo without any difference, too. I called Glock, who were less than helpful and still have not sent me the return label they promised. I’m planning on shooting some video of it before I send it back.

  31. Rockne…What was your test shell date? Did your gun have the 1 or 2? what kind of ammo did you use? Please pot a link to the video when you have it.

  32. I was planning on buying my mother a G-42 to carry with the way the world is going now. Duncan, I am looking forward to the update. It was looking like glock had fixed the issue until Seeing Rockne’s post, but he did not put much info in the post. Almost seemed overly negative to where I don’t really believe it.

    • From everything I have been reading and keeping an eye on, new G42’s are still having some problems. Seems to be hit and miss on getting a good one or a Lemmon.

    • Dan,
      I would Not hesitate to buy one for your Mother. Just check the shell casing date on the one you are looking at buying her, and if it is from May or After of this year, then you should be Good to Go… Like I said, My wife, my Son, and I all 3 Carry these little pistol, and Trust our lives with them. I suggest that what ever round you use as personal defense round, to first shoot several boxes of them to make sure that your little pistol likes that brand of ammo. My Family ALL carries the Liberty Personal Defense rounds in ours. But you should test and see what round yours prefers…
      Stay Safe.

    • Hi, I have a 42 number AAVF-647 manufactured 4/14. I had all kinds of FTF and FTF etc… Could never shoot a whole magazine. Took the barrel off and lighty sanded (1000 grit) and super polished the ammo ramp. Like glass now. Also placed Pearce extended grips. No added rounds. This gun, no matter how well you hold it, it will limp wrist on you. I deburred every part I could remove and polished it up. Now, I love this gun again. No problems what so ever. Shoots almost any type of ammo. YOU MUST ALSO USE AMMO THAT HAS YOUR SPECIFIC MUZZLE VELOCITY POUNDAGE!!! Not the velocity of the projectile. Glock 42 is about 158 – 200 ft lbs. Good luck. My Glock 19 gen 4 had same issues. Shoots like a demon now too.

  33. Mine was made 08/01/14 with frame stamped 1. Put 150 rounds of different brands though it with no issues. Dead on at 12 yards. I’m very satisfied with my Glock 42.

  34. I just bought a Glock 42 in October. I have a friend that works in the police department and many of them have bought a Glock 42 and they hate it because of failures to feed and failures to eject. Mine has all the update revisions as what you state here. I have put several hundred rounds through my Glock and different manufacturers of ammunition I have never had one failure to feed or failure to eject.I believe Glock needs to recall some of there early 42 and replace them with the later revision that work much better and are reliable.

  35. Purchased my G42 on 10/18/14 with a bod of 6/23/14, nothing but problems with FTF, FTE and Double Feeds. 336 rounds cycled so far with at least 14 failures. Contacted Customer Service @ Glock yesterday (before googling G42 Jams) and was sent a FedEx Return label immediately. This made me think this must be a bigger issue than just my firearm…. That’s when I decided to do an internet search on problems with the G42. Thanks so much for addressing this serious situation. BTW the frame is stamped “2”. I will admit that I’m a Glock Fan with positive experiences with my G30 & G17. I sincerely hope that my G42 will come back with the same Glock quality that I’m used to.

    • I have been considering purchasing the Glock 42, but after learning of the FTF, FTF, and FTE issues on the majority of Glock 42 sold and the “silent” modifications that have been done by Glock when they are sent back by the purchaser, I think I may have changed my mind on purchasing one all together. I called Glock today to try and get some insight into the issues and what Glock is doing about this, and the representative stated several things. There is no mass issue with the Glock 42, the additional numbers, such as the -1 or -2 make no difference in which one is the better version, but did advise that if I purchases one that was born on or after August or September I should have no issues. Just thought I would share what I was told.

      • My July G42 has been 100% after the first 5 mags–shooting crap ammo with a gun bought 20 minutes earlier. I then cleaned it, polished the feedramp, and lubed it. After 541 rounds without cleaning, I had my first fail to feed with LEHIGH PENETRATOR (which is an odd shaped round, and very light shooting). The rest of the mag fired, and then I shot another 50fmj and 17 federal hydrashok.
        I lubed it and shot another 75rds the next day.
        I have non-marked mags, a 1, and a 2 marked mag. All seem great (all have magguts +1 kits except one that has a ghost +2 baseplate).
        I think you’ll be fine and like your gun a lot.
        I was super accurate with mine until I started shooting my g19 a ton (like 2K rounds); now I go back to the g42 and I’m not doing as well for some reason. My 7yrd groups are now Minute of Pie Plate, which I could do at 25Y before.

  36. I shot my Glock 42 for the first time yesterday and experience the same problems with the ammo jamming up. I thought this was odd, being that it’s brand new. Is glock going to fix the issues for us?

  37. Hey guys, just got a Glock 42 marked 2 on the frame and magazines. Got issues (FTF and FTE)
    Thanks for the info on this forum.
    Just got my first Glock (currently own a Springfield xdm and xds).
    Took it to the range today and at the first shot I got a FTF, then on the second magazine I got a FTE.
    I got those issues about eight times. Will call Glock tomorrow and will keep you inform.
    Anywho, I shot about 120 rounds (Wincester and PMC).

    Needless to say, I’m very disappointed on the performance. I was thinking about carrying the Glock instead of the XDS, but now I have doubts.
    When the temp gets higher and humid, I figured it would be easier to carry the Glock. Also, the wife likes the Glock better but if is not reliable I don’t want the gun.
    I’m hoping Glock will fix it, since I’ll hate to have this issue when I need it the most, do you guys know what I mean.



  38. New here. Found as I goggld my problem.

    I’m writing about the Glock Gen 42 380 that I purchased last week to see if you have heard of this.

    I own a few other Glock’s and other semi automatics. This one is doing something none of my others do.

    I have yet to actually shoot it. When the slide is locked back with an empty magazine it is impossible to get the slide to release/return to the neutral position. Trying to manually release or hitting the slide release button does not work. It feels like the magazine will not allow the slide to move back any further once it is locked.

    The only thing that will work is to completely remove the magazine and then it will allow the slide to move are the slide release button to work releasing the slide.

    Do you know if for some reason that is the normal operation of this gun. I don’t think this is normal. Thanks.

      • Just bought my wife the G42 FTF an FTE took it apart an cleaned it still no difference shooting PMC that’s all I ever shot threw my other glocks very disappointed mine has all the number 1 markings on it an empossable to push slide release Any one no if there going to fix this. Thanks

  39. I just bought a New G42 Feb 2015, I’ve put 100 rounds through it this evening. It had 23 jams! I’ve also heard and read that the spring is tight that you’ll need to leave the slide open for a few days an still put 500 rounds through it. . Very disappointed.

  40. Take the gun apart, polish the feed ramp very good, then put some Peirce grip extenders to elimate the limp wrist syndrome. I polish the trigger arm also. Ammo is also considered too. I love the addition of the 42 to my G19 gen 4. Both work great. Never have to worry that it will misfire!!!! Never!

  41. Perhaps the number 1 on the frame indicates a different mold that is made to the same specification and there are no changes.

  42. Bought my girlfriend a G-42. So far it’s not making good impressions. Purchased it in March ’15. Very hard to release the slide. Have had some jams and feeding issues. She’s a small girl and even chambering a round has been a chore. We’ve had to find a new technique so she can load it on her own. Overall, the gun has been lackluster and the first contact either of us have had, with glock products. As of today, we’re looking to trade it.
    Looking at the slide release, hers is marked with a the newer number with (-1). All the other components listed in this article tell us it’s a newer unit. But still, not as user friendly as it should be. Out of 10, it’s a solid 4. Most of it being a good fit for her hand and overall look, ease of releasing the mag and concealment ability. Beyond that, I think the S&W MP Shield 9mm would’ve been a better unit for operation and still a decent fit for her grip size.

  43. Bought my 42 in Jan 2015…..You have to use two hands to fire this gun other wise it will jam. I hope to send it back next week for fix.

  44. I feel like i need to include what bullets i shot. So I Just bought mine Thursday 6/11/15. Shot 100 Rounds of Herters 95gr FMJ’s. Didn’t have one malfunction or any problems whatsoever. I think they fixed whatever was wrong. Good luck!

  45. I just purchased a Glock 42 today and was look for some additional magazines when I came upon you article. Although I did not strip my new Glock down to the level you did, I did notice that the slide release on my is a dash 2 version.Although it is hard to tell when comparing to your photos, the magazines are the same as the newer generation Glock 42. Looks like they may have tweaked it again. I put 250 rounds of PPU 94gr/HPs thru it at the range and was very satisfied with it so far.

  46. Just scooped two blue label 42s, the dealer glass model had pinky extension. Both of mine came without them? Is this normal?

  47. Just bought a glock 42. Exact issues as described above. I’ll be calling on Monday to see of I can get an authorization to return to factory.

  48. Kudos to you for being so observant and informing the rest of us Glock enthusiasts about the 42’s shortcomings. This just proves that 1st generation guns from any manufacturer has bugs to work out…. Think Rem R51, Caracal, Ruger Sr, S&W shield , XDs etc, etc,

  49. I’m glad I read this. I got a Glock 26 a few months ago, but have been wanting a 42. I’ve seen a lot of bad reviews on it and have stayed away from them. Now that I see that Glock has reworked the gun and resolved the issues, I’m heading to the gun store. Thanks for the update.

  50. Mine has bod of 08-14…..has the (1) on both frame and slide stop. Not sure about thm. One mag has factory part number and the other has same number plus a -1. I have put 300 rounds through it of white box fmj and have had 4 ftf’s. Didn’t matter what mag was used. Only one of those happened while I was shooting it. In my opinion….all of this is due to ‘limp wristing’ by the shooter. I have since added Pearce mag grip extensions to help keep ‘limp wristing’ at bay. I hope this helps.

  51. Thanks for an informative article. In your pictures of the changes in the magazines, old, the old style magazine looks much larger than the new style. Why is that?

  52. Bought one for my daughter for Christmas. I ran 50 rounds through it no problems. She opened it we went to the range and it jammed on every shell, and even tried to double load shells. I love glocks own 4 others no problems with them but not liking the 42 right now.

  53. Thought it would be fun to own a Glock. However, I just returned my Glock 42 for good! FTF’s at the start. Tried to fault isolate it with different combinations of magazines and three different ammo mfg. no luck. Sent to factory and it was returned to me in 3 weeks. First time out new problem: failure to eject. Glock needs to just step up, take the gun off the market, redesign it, admit to mfg problems (certainly this model is not made in Austria), state the only ammo that will work with this gun, etc. Buying this gun is a gamble. Carry it? Never! BTW, I have S&W M&P Shields in 9mm/40cal, hundreds of rounds not a single fault.

  54. I bought my Glock 42 today at my local gun shop/range and put 100 rounds of Sig ammo through it. I had one occurrence of the slide locking open in the middle of a magazine. Just had to rack it to close it and continued shooting. While cleaning the gun this afternoon, I noticed the slide stop has a -2 after it; the frame has a 2 on the inside where you showed the 1 in your photos. The mags have 03 stamped on them under the part number. I asked the vendor if this was the latest version and they said their stock of the 42’s were all delivered within a couple of months. Based on what I’ve read here and my gun’s markings, I’d say I have a recent version. Given that, I’m a bit surprised I had the slide lock open once in 100 rounds. Maybe after it’s broken in (500+ rounds) that won’t happen any more.

  55. Put my first 500 rounds of American Eagle 95g FMJ through my (2015) Glock G42 flawlessly… Excellent groupings at 25 yards and no Issues whatsoever… My wife ” the limp wrist-er” had numerous FTF, FTE, stovepipes and jams… “IF you hold it right you’ll be in the fight, If you hold it light it’ll be goodnight! Holding it correctly and securely should eliminate the above mentioned issues… If your still having issues with your G42 despite holding it properly, SEND IT BACK! Any issues remaining after using quality ammo, holding it securely and firing it properly could be manufacturing issues or defects that Glock must address immediately! “NO BANG FOR YOUR BUCK” isn’t why you purchased your G42, so SEND IT BACK! Unless your feline, you may not get a second chance!!!

  56. What’s this Glock is building garbage after all these years of quality ,then putting it out there in public knowing there’s an issue with it, instead of a recall they quietly redesign it and offer to allow you to trade it in on another one, did I read that right?

  57. Hello……if my Glock 42 was manufactured in August 2014, would it have the new changes completed with it’s construction? Thanks!

    • They only real way to know for sure is to compare the parts I showed above. Yours would only be a few months after the article, depending on how parts that were already made sat around at Glock, or what the date on the proof rounds is in your box. It was a process of them changing various parts here and there, and there were even updated Parts after this article. Once the G43 came out I ditched all the G42s I had.

  58. Duncan; Thank you the pictures and complete descriptions. I bought my G42 midway thru June, 2019. I took the precaution of making sure any ammo I run in it has 1000 FPS and 200 ft lbs energy minimum. Have never had an issue. I saw your column and tore it down right away. Everything in my pistol is as you describe as new.


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