Light Comparison


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I thought I’d do a quick and informal comparison of the lights I have on hand.  Distance to the trash can was 25 yards.


First up is a 80 lumen Surefire 6P LED


Surefire 6P



Surefire G2Z with a drop in 220 lumen Q5 Cree LED lamp


Surefire G2Z



Surefire 6P with the 65 lumen incandescent bulb


Surefire 6P



Surefire X200A 60 lumen pistol light


Surefire X200A



Finally a 200 lumen Surefire M600C Scout Light


Surefire Scout Light M600C




So what conclusions can be drawn?


Well, the more light the better.  Revolutionary idea I know.


I would consider 200 lumens to be the minimum necessary for a rifle mounted weapon light.  Anything less isn’t going to allow for positive target ID at any real distance.


If anyone is still running a 65 lumen incandescent light on their rifle I would strongly urge them to upgrade as there are far better and more capable options out there nowadays.


If found for the right (low) price on the used market, the now discontinued X200 could still be useful as a light on a home defense bed side pistol, otherwise spring for the far more capable X300.


The Q5 Cree drop in LED lamp is a viable option for upgrading older 6P and G2 lights.  It dramatically increases the light output with hardly any decrease in battery life.  I’ve been using one in the G2Z light I carry at work for a year now and have no complaints.  It’s held up well to the everyday wear and tear and occasional drops that come with being a work tool.  It’s also given me a far brighter light in a far smaller package than the Streamlights most of my co workers carry.



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