Claw Emergency Manipulation Sights


AmeriGlo’s Claw EMS Sights were designed by Rob Pincus, Owner of I.C.E. Training Company and developer of the Combat Focus Shooting Program. Rob was kind enough to provide Loose Rounds with the Claw EMS rear sight and his AmeriGlo contact provided the ProGlo Tritium front sight. I have been running the sight combination for a few weeks now, and I really like it. The Claw EMS is so simple, yet very effective.  For installation of the sights, I used a Glockmeister tool sight set. Installation is very easy with this sight set and took only a few minutes. A small amount of loctite red 262 is a good idea for the front sight threads.

Sight View:

The Claw EMS rear sight was developed for one-handed slide manipulation and disable drills. Using the rear sight to rack the slide for clearing or reloading your handgun is nothing new. This is a technique I  have used in my experience as a former law enforcement officer and firearms instructor. The technique is taught to officers in law enforcement academies and advanced firearms schools across the country.  Rob set out to develop a rear sight that would more effectively grip gear during one-handed manipulation. The front edge of the (Claw) rear sight is curved forward, allowing the sight to positively grip clothing and gear in order to rack the slide.








The EMS sights are available in several different configurations for your Glock at the I.C.E. Training Store. The Claw rear sight is a standard size 0.165″ height sight. You can buy it alone and it will work with any standard size Glock front sight. The I.C.E Store also has different front sight combinations to go along with the Claw EMS Rear Sight. AmeriGlo makes all of these sights so you know you are getting quality sights. The sight combinations from I.C.E Store will not break your pocket book and are extremely affordable, from $24.00 to $72.00 in price.

If you have the factory plastic sights from Glock, I highly recommend you replace them. The factory sight tends to come off when using the rear sight to aggressively manipulate the slide. In my opinion, the Claw EMS rear sight is one the best all-around option to replace the factory Glock sight.

Sight Acquisition/Accuracy:

The EMS sights perform like sights should. I have several different kinds of sights on several different Glocks and the EMS are just as accurate as any others I have tried.  I did some off-hand shooting at known distances from the holster. I fired around 200 rounds to get a good feel for the sights. The sights are easy to pick up and follow-up shots are quick and accurate.

I did have one (1) flyer at fifteen (15) yards during accuracy testing. This was my fault of course, I clearly flinched.  The ProGlo yellow front sight was very quick to acquire out of my peripheral vision during the draw.








I ran the sights through some various lighting conditions indoors.  The sights were easy to pick up in the different lighting conditions and provided a nice sight picture. The Claw rear sight provided a nice flat silhouette for the front sight. I ran the sights with and without a weapon light as well.

One advantage of the AmeriGlo ProGlo front sight is the photo luminescent ring around the tritium post. Simply hit the front sight with your handheld light and the photo luminescent ring glows brightly for several minutes -five (5) to ten (10) minutes on average. Sunlight also charges the photo luminescent ring, making transitions from outdoor to indoor environments smooth on the front sight picture.  This feature provides huge advantages to a law enforcement officer engaged in clearing a building or home in changing light conditions.  I found the front sight was highly visible in most of the lighting transitions.








Claw Manipulation:

The main concept of the Claw EMS rear sight is for one-handed racking of the slide. The name of the sights makes you ask, what is emergency manipulation? It’s a situation where you are actively in a gun fight, you have been hit, and you only have the use of one hand. How are you going to clear a malfunction or do a reload? This is a scenario that law enforcement officers train for but is often overlooked in the citizen concealed carry world. In a dynamic rapidly developing incident, you want to make sure you are not going to fumble around when it counts.  The claw/hook design positively grips your gear, belt, holster, magazine pouch, pockets, and clothing providing assistance when racking the slide one-handed. As always, muzzle awareness in very important when applying these techniques, as well as proper trigger finger placement along the frame.


In the case of a malfunction, the Claw EMS rear sight allows you to rack the slide forcefully, clearing the malfunction. This can be done with either your right or left hand, depending on what side has been disabled.









During a reload the Claw EMS rear sight becomes more important on the Glock if you are using your left hand. The slide stop/release is on the left-hand side of your handgun. This makes releasing the slide stop during a reload one-handed difficult.  The Claw EMS rear sight gives a fast positive grip and slide release to reload and get back in the fight.








Overall Impressions:

I really like the Claw EMS rear sight in combination with the AmeriGlo ProGlo front sight. They are fast becoming one of my favorite set of sights to use. With most rear sights, the front edges are sloped backwards or straight. When doing one-handed/disable drills, those sights tend to easily slip off gear, and can result in several attempts to clear or rack the slide.  This is something you cannot afford to happen in a fight. The Claw EMS rear sight is designed to have a positive bit/grip on gear and/or clothing. During my tests, the Claw EMS Rear Sights worked on all gear/clothing without failure.

For my Law Enforcement friends, I highly suggest the Claw EMS Rear Sight for duty use. The savvy conceal carry citizen should take a look at the EMS sight for their everyday carry as well. The Claw EMS rear sight combined with the AmeriGlo ProGlo Tritium front sight is a winning combination for your defensive carry needs.


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