Review: RECOIL Magazine.


Today I read the newest issue of RECOIL Magazine, Volume 1 Issue 4 with the MP7 on the front.  Much to my dismay I found the following quote in it:

“Like we mentioned before, the MP7A1 is unavailable to civilians and for good reason. We all know that’s technology no civvies should ever get to lay their hands on. This is a purpose-built weapon with no sporting applications to speak of. It is made to put down scumbags, and that’s it. Mike Cabrera of Heckler & Koch Law Enforcement Sales and veteran law enforcement officer with SWAT unit experience points out that this is a gun that you do not want in the wrong, slimy hands. It comes with semi-automatic and full-auto firing modes only. Its overall size places it between a handgun and submachine gun. Its assault rifle capabilities and small size make this a serious weapon that should not be taken lightly.”

So right in their cover page article the EDITOR of RECOIL magazine decide to spout anti-gun bullshit.  Jerry Tsai, the EDITOR, of RECOIL magazine is trying to pull damage control claiming and pushing that their MP7 should not be owned by civilian due its its purpose of killing people.  Well Jerry, what do you think all fighting firearms are for?  You say the MP7 should not be sold to civilians to keep it out of the wrong hands, this is the same inane argument that the Brady campaign, and other anti-gun groups say.  Perhaps we should ban cars, because a bad driver might drive one?

We know that by making it to print that the crew over at RECOIL are complicit is this foolish mentality.  Jerry Tsai, you have shown that you and Recoil magazine are not pro-gun and that you do not understand the history and purpose of our second amendment.

We at will never advocate firearm restriction.  We know that the Founding Fathers knew that liberty came from the barrel of a gun and that fact remains true today.


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