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LooseRounds Youtube Channel

I didn't realize how many of you didn't know we have a youtube channel. It's nothing big or special because I despise "gun-tubers"....

Is 2021’s Fictional Cyberattack Simulation Prepping Us For A Cyber Pandemic?

Authored by Robert Wheeler via The Organic Prepper blog, Many readers are aware of a simulation conducted by the World Economic Forum called Event 201 that preceded the COVID pandemic....

Friday Fun


1,000 yard shooting with the M1903 , M14 and even A Colt Commando

After my last two  posts about shooting at 1,000 yards with the service A2 and the M4 carbine with SOCOM barrel  of 14.5 inches...

KGB Custom Colt Commander

Today from Karl at is this custom 1911 he made early in his early gunsmithing days.

Pink Tank Surrendered Under Ongoing Weapons Amnesty Program

1 "At the end of January this year, the Czech police announced that, under an amendment to the Weapons Act, anyone who had illegal weapons...

Mission First Tactical Introduces React Compact Foregrip

Horsham, Pa. (April 2021) – Mission First Tactical, LLC (MFT™), a leader in USA-made rifle/carbine accessories, is proud to introduce the React™ M-LOK Compact...

1947 Colt Government Model

Today Karl has blessed us with this late 40's Colt Gov model.

Big Tech’s Greatest Threat

Authored by Robert Epstein via The Gatestone Institute, "Ephemeral experiences": You might never have heard this phrase, but it's a very important concept. These are...

Dipshit biden’s new gun BS

Biden has signed 6 Executive Orders related to guns: 1.) Tightening regulations on “ghost guns.”  Ghost guns are of course the labels liberals use to describe homemade...