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Thinking About Crypto ?

By CJL P.H.D. So you're thinking about investing in crypto.  In this post we will explore the reasons why this is a bad idea. ...

The FN EVOLYS Machine Gun, A Closer Look/More Details

The press release about the new FN wonder weapon generated a lot of discussion. SSD has some details about it beyond the standard...

Remington 7188 Full Auto Shotgun

The Remington 7188 was a variant of the M1100 pattern shotgun but produced for combat operations. Unlike the average sporting use shotgun, the 7188...

Friday Fun


Sniping With The M16A1

Today the precision AR15 is taken for granted. There are all manner of variants of the AR that will fill damn near every long...

Colt’s Short Lived .22 Cadet Target Pistol

In the 1990s Colt came out with a .22 rimfire pistol. It was no doubt intended to compete with the ultra popular Ruger .22...

The .220 Russian

Back in the 50s’ and 60s the USSR decided to come out with a new round for the running deer competition. This competition was...

Audie Murphy’s M1 Carbine

An interesting thread over on the old BARFCOM today turned up a few things that I found interesting. Everyone who reads this website knows...

USSR Use of the M16 in Afghanistan

Over the weekend one of the boys on the Colt AR15 Resource FB page shares some pictures of Soviet military personnel using M16...

Leaked Document: ATF seeking to redefine what parts of a gun are a firearm

Leaked, New Law Could Upend Firearm Industry A Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) document leaked by The Reload,  could redefine which parts...