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Government MQ-9 Reaper military surveillance drone is back in the skies today 6/1/2020

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s (CBP) General Atomics MQ-9 Reaper military surveillance drone is back in the skies on Monday afternoon. 

Here is the live air map via Radar Box showing CBP-104 flying at 20,000 feet altitude near Minot, North Dakota, with an unknown destination. 

CBP-104 near Minot, ND, on June 1. h/t Radar Box

CBP-104 was first brought to our attention on Friday morning (May 29) after Radar Box spotted the surveillance drone spying on protesters in Minneapolis. The drone circled the city more than once as it gathered intelligence for the federal government about the ongoing social unrest on the ground. 

Read: “U.S. Gov’t Now Flying MQ-9 Reaper Drone Over Minneapolis As Riots Worsen.”

CBP104 surveilling Minneapolis on May 29. h/t Radar Box    

“Why do you need an AR15” She said as stocks in guns climb.

Stocks of gunmakers and law-enforcement related equipment jumped on Monday after this weekend’s violent nationwide protests following the death of George Floyd, a black Minneapolis man who died after a white police officer pinned him on the ground by his neck for over eight minutes.

Sturm Ruger and Smith & Wesson were both up over 10% in early trading, with the latter spiking nearly 30% at first print vs. Friday’s close.

Related industries shot higher as well on Monday, including law-enforcement providers ShotSpotter, Vista Outdoor, Sportsman’s Warehouse Holdings, body-cam maker Digital Ally, Inc., and nonlethal restraint company Wrap Technologies, Inc.

And with word that Antifa is planning to invade the suburbs next (the last tweet before one of their primary accounts was suspended), ADT home security stock is spiking as well – up more than 12% as of this

Meanwhile, here’s a chart of the latest FBI background check information, which will be updated later today. Anyone care to guess what the next leg will look like?

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Some MACV/SOG History & Humor

This is a picture of Recon Team Maine of Command & Control Central ready to go on a mission. They are dressed in PAVN ( NVA) uniforms as some teams were wont to do. The idea being it gave them a second or two advantage if spotted by the enemy. The idea being the NVA would see them and take a few seconds to determine if they were friend or foe. Some team leaders just had the indig point man in a PAVN uniform, some used the NVA pith helmet for every team member and some decked out in full uniforms.

Note the AK that is very rare to see in Vietnam at the time.

Under the comments one of the SOG vets gave a little background on the cover story if captured.

I’m very grateful that these guys allowed me to be in their private group. If you enjoy the rare SOG photos and interviews I post from these guys, this is how I get them.

The State Of The Boogaloo

Following what was either the third or the sixth night (depending on who you read) of chaos to sweep across America following the death of George Floyd a week ago, Americans surveying the wreckage are being met by staggering totals. After tens of thousands of peaceful demonstrators, violent anarchists and opportunistic looters commingled for another night of chaos in cities from California to New York, and from Seattle to South Florida.

Reports published late Sunday/early Monday revealed that President Trump spent part of Friday in an underground bunker under the White House as secret service fired rubber bullets into crowds of violent and non- violent demonstrators. Over the entire three nights of chaos, at least 4,400 people have been arrested, according to a tally compiled by The Associated Press. Arrests ranged from stealing and blocking highways to breaking the dozens of curfews imposed by cities around the country on Saturday and Sunday as the violence spread, the AP reports.

Source: AP

S&W Model 625 Mountain Gun

We have another whell gun from our pal Karl Beining from www.KGBcustom.com. Karl supplies the weekly wheel gun porn for you degenerates. If you want custom gunsmithing done, go check out his website and consider giving him a call. This week we have the Mountain Gun in the classic .45 Colt.