LooseRounds T-shirts, Hoodies, Tank tops, now available

You asked for it. Now here they are. Different colors and styles. Choose whatever color shirt you want with the logo you want. ...

Moore Militaria Rip-stop ERDL

By BAP45 Moore Militaria has some reproduction ERDLs (green dominant) and they are spot on. They offer two versions, a poplin and ripstop set. There are...

Unertl Ultra Varmint Video

Tge two videos combined are about 5 minutes. Battery died before I could finish the first one. Second part is below the...

Carolyn Optic

A very vintage optic shared by one of the fellas in the vintage optics group on facebook

Testing the 5.56mm MK318 MOD 0 / 5.56 SOST

The 5.56 SOST  is the ammo currently being used by the USMC and other troops in the GWOT,  it has not been available for...
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