5.56 Timeline

Riot Intel

There is an ongoing thread over at ARFCOM discussing the ongoing riots and the people and their methods. You are gonna chuckle at some of this but in my opinion it should still be taken seriously. It’s a lot of stuff and I am going to post some highlights below, If you want more say so in the comments.

Occupy Chicago Street Medic Handbook (current edition)

2020 Riot Medicine Manual

Tear gas tactics and defense

Building a cell
Building an affinity group

How rioters are mass producing shields
How to set up blockades
How to make molotovs

Medication exchange network operating out of Minneapolis

Tear gas neutralizer device

Analysis of the Siege of the Third Precinct, as told by a protestor
The Basics of Direct Action
Manual of the Urban Guerrilla, 1969
Direct Action (Pamphlet Version)

How Anti-fa cells work

Each antifa group consists of a solid core of trusted members. Usually with many years of fighting for ideological causes and bona-fides. Almost impossible to infiltrate. Outside members are kept separate from these groups and are simply called upon for various actions.

Brass Knuckle CCW Legality

I posted this picture on the LooseRounds facebook page the other night and got talking with a couple of friends when they mentioned my “belt buckle” or “paper weight.” They were surprised when I told them that brass knuckles are legal to own and carry concealed with the CCW permit in Kentucky. The knuckles, knives, saps, blackjacks, rifles, multiple pistols ,etc. All legal to carry here with the CCWD.

By happenstance the same subject came up on arfcom a bit ago and some one posted up this handy chart to tell you the legality of brass ‘nucks in your state. No info on saps and blackjacks and such in the chart though.