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Riton Optics Patrioptic Series


Tucson, AZ (23 October 2020) Riton Optics is proud to announce the first release of the new Patrioptic series of products.

As the World’s only Military and Law Enforcement Veteran Owned optics company, Riton has made their mark in the industry by providing quality, value and service superior to market competitors. In their mission to provide best-in-class products and service, Riton’s core focus is always on the customer, including customer product testing and customer influenced product development.

The Founder and CEO of Riton Optics, Brady Speth, stated the following: “It has always been a goal of ours to bring manufacturing to the United States, and the Patrioptic line is our first step in that direction.”

The Patrioptic series features the high-quality components and Riton HD/ED glass that consumers have come to expect in Riton’s product line.

The Riton Patrioptic 1-8×28 is a limited edition scope and the first release of the U.S. assembled line.  This scope features the First Focal Plane, illuminated CM1 reticle with daylight bright green illumination to ease eye strain. As a tactical riflescope, the Riton Patrioptic 1-8×28 is perfect for close quarters combat, while also offering the ability to accurately engage targets and range estimate once the magnification is increased. The optic also features an integrated, removable throw lever, and is adorned with a special American flag engraving on the turret cap.

As Riton embarks on this journey to produce U.S. assembled products they are eager to continue the process of developing high quality optics for their customers and are excited for the future.


Langdon Tactical Technology Red Dot Ready Slides

My first thought was …”who wants this.?”

You asked for it and Langdon Tactical Technology (LTT) listened. The standalone 92 Elite LTT Red Dot Optic Ready Slide (Full-Size) is now available for purchase.

“We’ve taken our Red Dot Ready Optic Cut for the 92 slides and made it available as a complete stand-alone slide,” says, Ernest Langdon, President and CEO of Langdon Tactical. “You can now upgrade almost any 92 series pistol to take a red dot.” The slides are built-out with a front sight post and adapter plate already installed. Consumers will need to use their existing barrel, guide rod and recoil spring, however, Langdon added, “We would encourage customers to replace their locking block and barrel with a complete barrel assembly for proper fit with a brand new slide.”

Bolt on your choice of RMR patterned micro-red dot, assemble slide to your frame, and zero your pistol. It& will work on all full-size 92 FS models and forward, Brigadiers and M9A1 frames.


New Otte Gear Products

Otte Gear makes some great stuff. I have bought some products from them this past year like the tiger stripe Aloha Now shirt you may recall.

OTTE Gear is proud to launch a collection of durable, comfortable, and innovative insulated jackets and everyday pants built for wherever daily life takes you – down range, work and out to dinner with the missus. We used premium Primaloft® Gold insulation, Patriot Lite fabric, MultiCam® patterns, Cordura® and the best trims out there. What you get is a pupu platter of bells and whistles in great looking lo-vis profiles.

Bob Keller of Gamut Resolutions has been road testing the new collection since early development.  

The collection includes 3 everyday lifestyle pants for the guy who likes adventure, appreciates a good, flexible fit, and maybe has a job that has him going prone.

There is the OG Capital Pant which is a ninja khaki; the Universal CL Pant, a truly hot lo-vis cargo; and the heavy duty but lightweight OG Range Pant, which is also available in MultiCam® and MultiCam® Black.

We are also introducing two new Primaloft® Gold insulated parkas: The Lo-Vis (LV) Insulated which is a great all-arounder parka, and the HT Insulated, a new generation of our Heat Tab parka.

Check them out at www.ottegear.com and www.instagram.com/ottegear.

Matbock Acquire Read Deploy Sight

I saw this thing and I want one.

It is an electronic sight for 40mm weapons systems.

The Leaf Sight and the unobtainable Eotech Grenade Launcher are the two main passive aiming systems for the Eotech. By passive, I mean you can rapidly aim at multiple distances with out having to mess with the sight settings.

The quadrant sight has to be adjusted for the distance. Same for the PSQ-18, Mepro GLS, that abomination on the MGL, the Spuhr super expensive sight, etc.

This ARDS (I bet you they came up with the acronym before they came up with the name) claims to show you the range the round will impact based off the angle of the weapon. So, you would estimate the range to target, point the weapon at the target, then lift the muzzle until this unit says the same number as your range to target.

I think that is pretty cool. I want one.

BUT. . .

Matbock doesn’t say what type of batteries it uses.
We don’t know what the battery life is like.
Or how the controls work.
Is the “integrated picatinny rail mount” quick detach or not.
etc, etc.

I want one, but I’m sure I want to spend the cash to be an early testor.

I have messaged Matbock asking these questions.

If you would like to buy one for me, you can order it here: