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AMT Long Slide Hardballer .45 ACP

Over the weekend I got this pristine, in the box AMT Hardballer Longslide. Yes you do recognize that from some where.

The AMT has a 7inch barrel.

Reckon they would still honor that warranty card if I send it in?

So how does it shoot?

Yes, it is reliable. That extra weight and barrel length make it a real pleasure to shoot. To my surprise, the AMT shot the cheapest military grade 230 ball better than 185 grain match loads. Guess it makes sense that they named it the Hard Baller. It was after all designed and tuned to shoot 230 ball.

Above is the 185 gr match
Winchester ranger
federal hi-shock
speer 230 grain ball
remington 230 ball
7 rounds of winchester 230 ball.

All groups shot off a bench with bags at 25 yards.

I have wanted one of these forever and I have to say I am very happy with it.

Colt King Cobra Carry

See, I keep my promises. YOU guys asked for more revolver stuff and me and Colt delivered. I hope you keep in mind the effort Colt has went through to deluge me with wheel guns to satisfy your demands for more, more, more. On and on and on, always with the friggin demands for more 6 shooters, Jesus Harold Christ!!!! Anyway.. There will be even more at the start of 2021. I sure wish I could tell you know what colt has coming out early next year but I can’t. I you are going to be really surprised and happy though.

Anyway, I got this King Cobra Carry today and it is every bit as high quality as the Target King Cobra. Trigger is equal to the target model. Unlike the .38spl Cobra, the King Cobra is chambered in .357 mag. The rubber grips feel a lot better than than the Target Wood grips when it comes to shooting magnum loads. This is for CCW so of course it is tailored for that.

.38 and .357 ammo has become non-existent apparently. I have no idea when I will be able to do a second part accuracy test. Sorry about that. It is what it is and I’m sure you all have experienced the ammo shortage from the recent panic buying. As the Japanese say, Shikata ga nai.

So for now all I can do is show you the goods and ask you to be patient for the shooting portion.

Review: Wheeler Engineering Armorer’s Handgun Sight Tool

BLUF: It is good, but not great. It works, but it isn’t anything special. Other cheaper options will likely be easier and faster to use.

I found my self needing a sight adjustment tool and I was undecided which one to buy. This one ended up being my impulse purchase. I needed to install a front sight into a Sig P320 slide, and I read that using a punch and hammer is strongly recommended against.

Guys in the Army are breaking front sights trying to adjust them:

MSRP is about $150ish. I paid about $170 with taxes and shipping. You can likely find it cheaper elsewhere, but I wanted a sight pusher fast and I got this one the day after I ordered it.

It came well packaged in a branded box.

Once you take it out of the packaging, it is a pretty heft unit. Nicely built.

You have two large knurled nuts on the top that you unscrew to remove the top piece to put a pistol slide in the unit.

On the underside of the top piece, you have a height adjustable stop/guide that rests on the top of the pistol slide. It has a concave section for resting on top of 1911 slides, and you just turn it to rest the flats on top of any other type of slide. It can turn easily when there is no pressure on it.

The underside has four thumbscrews to press anodized aluminum clamps against the slide to hold it in place.

You put the slide in the lower, clamp it in place. Set the top of the adjustment tool back on the unit. Adjust the height with the height stopper mentioned previously. Reinstall the knurled nuts, then you can adjust the sight.

This is not hard, but it is not as fast or easy as other sight pushers out there.

I was at my local gun store today and noticed my dealer has one of these sitting on his tool cart. He was also installing some Glock slights today and he was using a different brand pusher instead of this one.

I don’t blame him.

The anodized aluminum pads on the base can scratch or mark up your slide. So you are suppose to tape up your slide first. I never had to do that with any other sight pusher. Not a bad idea though.

Now if you are paying attention, don’t worry. I took it back apart and assembled it correctly before I used it.

The sight pusher section, the black H shaped part, shown in the picture above, can be removed using an Allen wrench and flipped over. There is a part with straight ears for pushing most sights, and a part with slanted ears for pushing sights with angled sides, like you commonly find on a Glock.

Here is one of my minor complaints. You need to use a tool to adjust this tool for use. At $150, they could have drilled a hole one of the meaty metal parts, glued a little magnet at the bottom and set an $0.50 Allen wrench in it, so you would always have one with the tool. Better yet, they could have had a couple of steel indexing pins and a single thumbscrew hold it in place allowing for tool-less switching.

I found the markings for centering the front sight are a great idea, but they are faint on this pusher and I had a hard time seeing them while I used the sight pusher. They show up great in my photos, but at my desk, I struggle to see them.

I wish it had a larger handle. The manual tells you not to put any sort of cheater bar on it, I was tempted to do so. While this is a substantial size, it is still light enough that you need to secure it with one hand while you twist the adjustment spoked handle with the other. I found that kind of awkward. I’ll likely put it in a vise next time I use it.

I doubt this is something you would want to throw in your range bag to take with you in case you need to make field adjustments.

I’m not saying it is a bad product. It does what it is suppose to do. It hold a slide in place with five points of contact and applies pressure to move a sight. It works.

But it is expensive and it could be better and easier to use.

It got the job done.

Optic of the Week: Nightforce NX8

Nightforce NX8 1-8X Model C598

I love this scope. I highly recommend it off my initial first impressions of it.

But I have to add the caveated that it has a very unforgiving eye box like the NXS 2.5-10X24, or 4x ACOGs. So if you have used the ACOGs or the NXS scopes and like this, this is an awesome. If you are upgrading from a reflex sight or other brand of scope, you may find this one hard to use.

NXS 2.5-10X24 on top. NX8 on the bottom.

The old NXS is considered a small and lightweight scope, the NX8 is shorter.

This 1-8X has massive turrets that make it look larger, but it has the same 30mm tube as the NXS.

Let us talk numbers:
This 1-8X scope is 8.75″ long and 17 oz.
It is available in MOA or MIL. Adjustments are 1/2 MOA or .2 Mil respectively.
Built in, removable, throw lever.
Zero stop and daylight bright reticle illumination
100 minute or 30 mil of adjustment range
3.7 inches of eye relief

I have four NXS 2.5-10X24 scopes. While I love those scopes, I don’t need four so I traded one for a NX8 in mil adjustments. I loose 2x on the top end and finer adjustments, but I get a shorter scope that goes down to 1x and has a daylight bright illumination.

I took one of my other NXS scopes out of a LT139 mount and threw the NX8 in its’ place. I put that on my Colt/PredatAR bastard gun and I love that setup.

1x at illumination 7

I really struggle to get good photos with my Samsung S20+. This photos do not do the scope justice.

8x illumination 7

On my NXS scopes, the magnification adjustment ring is quite stiff to turn. On the NX8 it is easy to quickly move between 1 and 8x with an 180 degree adjustment.

The windage knob is capped, the elevation knob is uncapped. Positive clicks when adjusting made adjustments easy.

Unfortunately while I bought Allen wrenches with me to the range, I didn’t bring the right size to us to zero the knobs. The elevation knob has an adjustable zero stop that can be set by removing the cover and loosing some Allen screws.

I really enjoyed shooting with this optic.

That said, the center dot of the reticle felt huge. I think people attempting to shoot the tightest groups at 100 yards or meters are not going to like it.

That center dot might cover up what you are aiming at.

If I were going to be shooting for groups, I’d dial in a mil adjustment and use the 1 mil hash mark for the point of aim. I might even dial in a 2 mil adjustment just to get the whole circle section of the reticle out of the way.

I’d prefer to dial in a half mil adjustment and use the top of the post, but because the adjustments are a coarse .2 mils, that is not possible.

At higher brightness setting the illumination bleeds across the reticle. I don’t really feel this is an issue because at that point you are using a higher brightness setting than appropriate for the background you are aiming at.

Small and Light
Daylight bright reticle
1x for close distances
8x longer distances
usable at intermediate powers

Large illuminated circle dot at 1x. About 6.75 MOA.
Large center dot in the reticle (about 1.7 MOA on the mil model, 2 on the MOA model)
Coarse adjustments
Tight eyebox

When I see used 1-X power scopes for sale online I expect they are being sold because the buyer expected they could buy this one scope that would be just as good as an Aimpoint up close and just as good as sniper/precision scope at distance.

The early 1-X power scopes I got to try where nice scope but I felt they were not good enough at either role for me to want one. Now, newer models like this NX8 do either job in a passible manner. The limited eye relief and tight eye box of the NX8 is going to make it slower than an Aimpoint, but it is still fast and function. .2 mil adjustments make for about .7 moa clicks. That combined with the 1.7ish moa center dot makes this scope far from ideal for shooting groups at 100 yards.

If you are willing to accept that it is not absolutely perfect for those roles, this is an awesome scope.

I might have to get another one.

Colt King Cobra Target Review

I put a lot of time in on the King Cobra Target this week. Having enough ammo left over from the Python review, I was able to shoot it a pretty good amount. So let me go over a few points before we get into the groups and pictures.

The King Cobra is in .357 magnum and is a smaller from than the Python. And you can believe that I noticed when I was slowing shooting 357 mag loads off of bags. I have never enjoyed shooting 357 mag loads from smaller guns and this one is no exception. The trigger on the gun is pretty sweet. Not as nice as the new Python’s trigger though. Do not take that as a statement that the Cobra’s trigger is mediocre. I’m just saying the trigger is not as superb as the new Python. I have heard some dimbulbs on facebook groups saying the new cobras and Pythons have sharp edges. That is just not true unless you have the delicate hands of a pre war southern belle.

The rear adjustable target sight is excellent.

I do not do well with the fiber optic front sights. Used to be they didn’t really have much of an affect on me. But I am older and I need a very sharp defined blacked out front sight for precise group shooting. Or maybe green or some other color would be better for me. I’m not gonna put them on my own guns though so don’t suggest alternatives to me in the comments. I don’t care.

I really liked the palm swell on the cobra. Made the magnum loads at little easier to tolerate and feels the hand while shooting for group. No revolver grip will ever be “right ” for me. I’m never going to be a revolver guy. I was born with the 1911 in my hand and I’m not capable or willing to change that.

The gun ad it’s action are very slick.

Now lets look at some groups.

Above is the best group shot. From 25 yards using the Winchester match WCs. That is probably the best I have in me when shooting a revolver.

That is 6 shots, all groups are 6 rounds.

I tried my hand with some double action shooting off hand at 15 yards. I’m still terrible at it.

Head shots are slow fire. Body shots I fired more rapidly. There is no hope for me. I better stick to single action slow fire for the revolvers. Or just use the SAA peacemaker.

Like with the Python ,I may do a part 2 with more groups as my access to more ammunition allows.