Colt 6921 Upper

Last month, there was a sale on Colt 6921 uppers. Since I absolutely don'tr need any more AR uppers, I bought one anyways. The...

Marine Model Luger

supervel We call it a Navy Luger, the Germans called it a Marine Model, but it’s the seafaring version of Georg Luger’s iconic pistol and...

1944 Colt Model 1911A1

Today is this excellent 1944 Colt from

1951 Colt Officers Model Special

Today from Karl,, is this Colt Officers Model in .38 special with test target and box.

1918 Gewehr 98 Custom Benchrest Rifle

This is a very special custom Mauser 98 shared in the vintage group. I will let the owner explain it himself. NO Bubba got ahold...

Some JC Higgins Pistols

These beauties belong to one of the fellas on the vintage page. I never been much of a fan of JC Higgins guns...

1953 Colt Factory Nickel Plated M1911

Today from Karl,, we have this 1953 Colt pre series 70 government model.

FBI “Tool Box”

A Thompson Sub-machinegun and a Colt M1911 with accessories complete with a 1934 set of handcuffs and a badge . All issued to...

A Nice Pre 64 Model 70 in .220 Swift

One of the fellas shared his very nice Pre 64 Model 70 in the classic .220 Swift. The vintage box of ammo real goes...