5.56 Timeline

Classic Varminting Rifle

A friend shared these photos on a group I belong to. A very nice Stevens single shot done up as a varmint rifle in the classic wildcat round the 22 K hornet. A serious combination for a serious varmint hunting rifleman in the day.

I have had a thing with the custom varmint rifles built off single shot actions like the Stevens and the Winchester Highwalls and Low walls for a long time. Something about those single shot actions, a heavy barrel and a Unertl have always appealed to me.

Around 2000-2001, I came very close to having a custom Highwall made by Ballard Cartridge company. My hang up was I never could decide what to have it chambered for and the lack of decision ended up going so long I ended up using the money I had saved for it on a high end Model 70 target rifle instead.

“Spike” The Vietnamese Boy At FOB-4 Command & Control North

Spike was apparently a bit of a mascot at SOG forward operating base-4 of CCN. Taught to serve drinks and do all manner of errands for the Green Berets of SOG..

One of the SOG recon men saying he even helped a SFC man and fire a 81mm mortar in a mortar pit during the infamous attack on August 23 in 1968 when NVA sappers infiltrated a SOG compound from the sea in the middle of the night and caused multiple casualties of the recon men.

he was in that mortar pitt firing illumination rounds over the camp. But I remember he told me that Spike knew enough that he readed them and handed the mortar rounds to him to fire”- William Barclay

Spike rigged up for a static line jump

He did not jump.”- Schofield Steven

Sad to say I have to tell you it was not a happy end for Spike.

Spike lived with me in my hooch for a couple of months. I took care of him. The Vietnamese were very jealous. He disappeared while I was on a mission. He was not seen again. I was told that he was taken away and killed.”– Dick Thompson

To Spike.