5.56 Timeline

Combat Pistol History

I have only seen this photo in black and white before. This is a group of some of the big names in the early development of combat pistol shooting and later the various ..games.

From the left to right is Ray Chapman, Eldon Carl, Thell Reed, Jeff Cooper and Jack Weaver. Jack Weaver being the fellow the Weaver shooting stance is named for since e is widely credited with developing it.

The Colt Double Eagle

Remember these? Maybe some of you have never even seen one. This is the Colt Colt Double Eagle series 90 pistol. Made from 1989 to 1997 it was colt’s too late attempt to get in on the double action/single action auto market. This was a time when DA?SA autos were on the rise. The Police had been dumping 6 guns like crazy and buying the DA/SA autos with higher magazine capacity. The DA/SA made lawyers and bean counters rest easier and make people afraid of condition one carry of SA pistols feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Things like awful DA triggers with decockers were ascendant.

Unfortunately the time was not a very good time for Colt and as they have done a few times over the years, they came out with it a day late and a dollar short. They were just a little too late for this one.

The gun uses the same magazines as the 1911 and slide and barrel.

I recall when they first came out, my Dad wanted one bad. Always a fan of Colt and Colt pistols, something about it really spoke to him. Then one day we went into a K-Mart ( if you are a certain age, the idea of K-mart selling any guns is probably a shock. In fact, now that I think about it, you might be thinking “what the hell is K-mart?”) we walked to the gun section and they had a couple. A commander and full sized. Dad’s desire to own one ended as soon as we had it in our hands.

You can see the frame and tell it does not lend well to modern pistol gripping doctrine. That looooong trigger pull was also pretty atrocious.

The series 90 quietly died and went away in 1997. By then the AWB was on and Colt went back to making 1911s the way God intended.

The Double Eagles came in a variety of chamberings, the rarest in 40 S&W. The officers model in 40 S&W is probably the rarest. If some one offers to sell you one some day, buy it for resale.

A few years ago Colt tried another version of a DA/SA and I don’t think it lasted a year. I have never even seen one of the new ones in person or know anyone who has that doesn’t work at Colt.

For the market they wanted , above is the pistol Colt should have refined for LE sales and commercial sales to catch on to the wonder 9 and DA/SA craze. The Colt submission for the “offensive pistol.” for one of the military’s big ideas. No light/laser mount and dumping the break/suppressor mount and a being out in the early to mid 80s would have probably seen a lot more success.

Mossberg Shockwave

My friend bought one of these and dropped it off yesterday so I could try it out. If you have been living under a rock and hadn’t heard of this shotgun iw ill let the maker blurb get you up to speed-

A Compact, Pistol-Grip Self-Defense Shotgun That’s Also NFA-Exempt. Mossberg’s 590 Shockwave pump action sports a 14″ barrel and a unique “bird’s head” pistol grip instead of a full buttstock, making it compact and highly maneuverable – ideal for a personal defense shotgun.

If you have heard of this you likely heard about the Father and Son combo that had a little tussle with another unhinged fellow resulting in a shotgun blast to the face.

The Shockwave doesn’t have a stock so aiming it like a shotgun is pretty tricky. I found that it was best to kind of shoot from a point shooting type of stance. The target was 15 yards away.

This is from one round of buck from the 2 inch shells.

The below target is from another round of buck and two rounds of slug.

Far upper left and upper right holes are from the wad.

Shooting from around 25 yards resulted in less than useful accuracy and patterning. Combined with in exact aiming, makes this shotgun a up close and personal affair. Which is fine because that is what it is meant for.

The above 2 inch shells are a god send for this gun, I have shot pistol gripped shotguns in the past using normal loads and it is not fun at all unless you are the kind of person that likes sprained wrists. These come in buck, slugs and regular shot. A drop in piece goes into the shotgun to allow smooth reliable cycling of the shorter ammo. Without it the gun will chamber and cycle up to 3 inch shells. I can’t imagine what it would feel like firing a 3inch 00 load or slug with this thing and have no desire to find out.

S&W 500

You asked for more revolver stuff and I aim to please. So today lets taker a look at the S&W 500.

This thing is a beast. It weighs more than an M16A1. The 500 has been out for a while and everyone not brain dead or the kind of guy who spends 8000 on a magpul lower, knows about it.

Being all stainless steel, its meant for hard use. No deep bluing for these. There wouldn’t be much point in that. The 500 is meant to be a hunting sidearm. Killing grizz in Alaska or going back in time to take on some of the smaller dinos.

To tame some of the massive recoil, S&W very thoughtfully puts a comp on the muzzle.

This massive gun and round and the pressures involved means only 5 rounds in the cylinder.

If you are going to shoot this hand cannon with a scope you need a good one. Leupold makes scopes that will take the abuse. Mounted with Leupold rings and base, the gun is ready for handgun hunting.

The trigger is very nice as far as I can tell. I’m no double action wheel gun guy but I know a good trigger when I try one. When in single action, the trigger is just right. In double action in feels as slick as the Model 57 from a few weeks ago. The weight of the gun no doubt helps with that since you have it’s bulk helping you steady.

No, I am not going to shoot it for your gratification. So you can forget that right now. The cost of the ammo is too much of a burden on the owner and I have no desire to punish my wallet or hands.

1 Million SIG P320s

Last year SIG apparently made 1 million P320s. So to celebrate this milestone they cooked up this one of a kind special edition.

Some guns seem born to be embellished with engraving and gold and all that crap. The Peacemaker, the 1911, etc. This isn’t one of those.