Review: True North Concepts Modular Holster Adapter

Some pointless back story, feel free to skip. Some time back I had a Springfield 1911 GI model. It was alright. I decided...

Limited Edition – Micro T-2™ Vickers Tactical® Red Dot Reflex Sight

Aimpoint, in collaboration with Larry Vickers, has released a limited edition Micro T-2 red dot reflex sight. This limited edition sight is product #200714...

Ruger Weapon Case

I splurged and bought something. Picked it up today. It came well packed in a nice box, this box was packed in a discrete...

3D Printed 40mm

0 Sadly, the Ukrainian designer doesn't want to share their design.

M249 spare barrel bag.

I was surfing the web, shopping around for something I need, and I found this for sale. In a moment of weakness, I...

Plate Carriers and how to set them up if you’re new.

B-ARFCOM member "Power2thePeople" started a thread about plate carriers the other day, it's not a bad guide for people who have no...

Need a coat hanger?

4 Over on, link left cold on purpose, has some interesting coat hangers for sale. Lesser websites like Wired, report the horrifying news that these...

3D Printed 40mm Rounds

My previous tests with 3D printing 40mm projectiles failed. Printing them with my usual 15% infill had these projectiles weak enough that the...

Zenitco Perst-2 Strobe + Laser

0 The video does not do it justice.

Breaking Rumor- ATF declares AR & AK pistols as SBRs/AOWs

The title says it all. Rumors are spreading that the ATF has declared rifle calibre pistols which are muzzle heavy and large, standard capacity, and...