This Glock Vaporware Carbine is making the rounds again

Yawn. Who even cares anymore?

Kentucky Ballistics – 50bmg exploded

Ooof. That will leave a mark and a flinch.

BODY CAM: Chicago Police End Man’s Life After Shooting Cop And...


ATF Agent teaches legal differences between weapons

This has been making the rounds. It's pretty good.

Riverside Police Shooting Armed Parolee

I see the cop is another man of culture and taste.

LooseRounds Youtube Channel

I didn't realize how many of you didn't know we have a youtube channel. It's nothing big or special because I despise "gun-tubers"....

Colt Talks About The 2021 Anaconda


Hyrax & Goose Hunt with PCP Airguns – A Busy Day...


Knife to a gun fight

3 West Sacramento, California — The West Sacramento Police Department released body camera footage from February’s officer-involved shooting on Ikea Court. The suspect shot and...

NYPD Close Range Shootout

5 Skip to 3:50 mark for the shooting from the 1st officers bodycam. 2nd officer starts at roughly 8:35 News Story "Certain cultures among the US population...