Colt Rail Gun 4,000 round Test

Link to our Colt MARSOC  M45A1 Review  Part 1 and 2  to read about the M45A1 USMC 1911s accuracy and features Since the news hit...

Gun safes

Many cheap gunsafes are little more then sheet metal boxes that offer no real resistance from theft or fire. posted an article with a...

Range Report: Tula Ammo

    While Tula Ammo is providing the same performance an the old Wolf Ammo, Tula doesn't seem to be held to the same quality control...

An aside.

Four-Feet I have done mostly what most men do, And pushed it out of my mind; But I can't forget, if I wanted to, Four-Feet trotting behind. Day after...

Carrying is a great responsibility, live up to the challenge.

Duncan Larsen AKA FailureDrill-P099 submitted this article. Carrying is a great responsibility, live up to the challenge. During times of great tragedy there is an opportunity to...

Looserounds is on Facebook

If you like looserounds and you have a facebook account ( who doesn't ?) go on over to the looserounds facebook page and like... raffle.

0 is having a raffle for a good cause.  Prizes include an AR15 and an ACOG.  Tickets cost a dollar each.  Go check it out.

More Things to do With the ACOG case

The Pelican case ACOG models like the TAO1NSN come in have a variety of uses. Another use is holding  five 30 round USGI AR15...

LoneWolfUSMC on using a rear mono-pod.

LoneWolfUSMC posted a video on YouTube explaining some of the benefits of a rear mono-pod over a bag.

Range Report: S&W M&P15 QC

The S&W M&P15 has become very popular due to its low cost and availability.  My personal experience with owning one was that my M&P15R...