AR15 accessories video


RMR Glock first impressions

I recently had a Trijicon RMR mounted on a Glock 19c.  A full review will be posted later, so here are a few first impressions.   It will...

Oiling the M16 in combat

Oiling the M16 in combat. An interesting training video on the use of oil to help prevent feeding/extraction problems in adverse conditions.

More Colt Nostalgia

I am always on the lookout for  Colt stuff.  Over the years I have gathered a nice little collection of colt parts and assorted...

Nightforce has a new website.

0 NightForce optics has a new web site.  NightForce scopes have been popular in both the tactical and benchrest competition crowd due to their durability...

On ported Glocks

Every so often people ask about the ported Glocks.  As an owner of a Glock 19c, a ported 9mm compact, I can answer those...

Notes on the FN SCAR rear sight

There is some confusion to the FN SCAR rear sight.  Hopefully this will help clear things up. The windage is 1 MOA clicks.  There are...


0 Guns and Ammo posted an interesting article on the Army's new M855A1 "green" ammo.  This confirms prior rumors of it being high pressure and...

Video: US Optics torture

I was directed to this video on Youtube.  While I can not advocate treating a scope like this, it does remind me why I am willing to...

More fail.

  I don't know where to start. . .