WOW! What A Deal!!

A $360 dollar pile of trash. Gee thats great. For those who have more time and money than sense.

Soviet Weapons & Gear

I ran across those nifty pictures of some Soviet weapons. Some are clones and some real. With real pictures of thrown in with...

PSA Debuts New AK Magazines

PSA just announced they are making and selling some AK mags Coming soon are AK-103 & Bulgarian Circle 10 style mags from Palmetto...

3-D Printed AK Receiver

Comrades - Brothers and Sisters of the Soviet Union - Download the World's First 3D-Printable AKM Receiver Today, in honor of Mikhail Kalashnikov...

I’m Impressed


The perfect home for an oil filter silencer

I never got the appeal of the oil silencer until I saw this picture of one on an AK. It looks at home...

The AR15ization of the AK.

Shawn and I have been talking about this for a while, and we weren't sure how we wanted to approach the subject. I swear if...

Military Expo Shows Russia’s New AK -19

The International military-technical forum "Army-2020" outside Moscow, Russia, began this week with a 'bang', as high-tech tanks, new lightweight assault rifles, stealth drones, and other advanced weaponry were displayed to...

New AK74 upgrade kit?

If I understand correctly, the equipment show in this video is the new upgrade kit approved by use by the Russian Ministry of Defense. There...

North Korean Helical 150 Round AK Magazine

"North Korea fields a dizzying number of weapons, both small arms and more complex systems like tanks and airplanes. The common thread connecting these...