Civil War Sharpshooters

By Kevin O'Brien They stare at us out of ancient daguerreotypes and glass negatives, or take aim in a Winslow Homer print (right):...

Chesty Puller’s Grave

By Geo Van Orden I finally made the pilgrimage to Chesty Puller’s grave. The most legendary warrior in the history of the Corps and a...

The Recapture of Guam

77 years ago today, July 21st 1944, (or 4:00pm EST 7/20 due to the date line.) The battle to retake Guam began. Part of...

Delta Force Jacket & Gear From Operation Eagle Claw

A former members of Delta forces shows his modified black dyed M65 field jacket worn into Iran on the ill-fated Operation Eaglr Claw hostage...

Some Rare SOG Photos

These are recon team and hatchet force member photos. Some of them have some interesting guns and gear. Video Series

SOGsite has a new video series that is really good. I recommend watching and subbing to the channel.

P-47 hit by 88mm

There's a reason for the puzzled expression exhibited by Major Loren W. Herway, Indianola, Iowa, shown examining the damage inflicted on his 9th Air...

Camp Cai Cai (Team A-412) Has A Special Guest

By Richard H. Dick James 55 years ago, July 1966. I was a Sergeant E-5 assigned to Camp Cai Cai (Team A-412), 5th Special...

Vietnamization at Vinh Gia

Richard H Dick James 54 years ago, June 1967, I was the Staff Sergeant Demolition Sergeant, Heavy Weapons Leader and junior Radio Operator on Detachment...