Does it take Glock magazines? New Retro Glock17s, Gen1s.

Guess Glocks are old enough to be retro now. The P80 (AKA Pistole 80, not the new company Polymer 80) was the designation of the...

The Colt National Match Government Model

Not from Karl today, This one is from another group of 1911 collectors. Getting one of these would be full apotheosis for me. The...

My Top 2019 Picks

Here we are again at the end of all things. That means it's time to talk about my favorite product of the year. ...

Two of GLOCKs most forgotten models

By Luis Valdes The GLOCK Model 17L and Model 24 are two of their lowest sellers. I think the .45 GAPs even have sold more...

Kart & Spilborough Custom Colts

pistol_purview Fred Kart bullseye gun in 45 ACP. Mr. Kart, a member of the APG, is an industry legend and has been making the finest...

1965 Colt Government Model

I have always wanted of these. Karl ( provided some photos of a 1965 Government Model Colt.

KB Custom Best Grade Series 70 Colt M1911

I know I put up one picture earlier today, but Karl posted more detailed photos of his new finished project and they are worth...

Pachmayr Custom Colt Commander

Karl has some pictures, inside and out, of a real classic.

T.J Stafford New Haven , CT Derringer

Our boy Karl , gunsmith of highest talent ( has produced this 1860s piece .

LaserMax Defense Pistol Enhancer LMD-PE-IR-1

Guest post by Brent Sauer. On January 17, 2017 Sig-Sauer was declared the winner of the Army Modular Handgun System (MHS) competition. Sig-Sauer’s P320 based M17 /...