How to Function Check Your 1911

Pilfered from RIA blog The M1911 of General Lutz Wahl needed little inspection with its stellar condition. It brought $195,500 in December 2019. Function Check...

S&W Model 586

Karl from has provided some more revolver content for you weirdos who always demand more. This time a very nice 586.

Kart & Spilborough Custom Colts

pistol_purview Fred Kart bullseye gun in 45 ACP. Mr. Kart, a member of the APG, is an industry legend and has been making the finest...

1969 Belgian Browning Nomad

Bonus pictures from today. This time a Browning 22 rimfire semi auto with an extra barrel.

Colt Target King Cobra

Surprise. You wheel gunners didn't know this was coming in. Arrived from Colt today. I shoot it a little this evening...

KB Custom Best Grade Series 70 Colt M1911

I know I put up one picture earlier today, but Karl posted more detailed photos of his new finished project and they are worth...

Remington XP-100

Above is a very nice Remington XP-100 bolt action pistol. You might recognize the action as being very much like the Model 600. Well,...

Pistol_Purview on Instagram

The Pistol_Purview instagram page has become one of my favorites. It is full of gems like these below. To those who know, these...

New Service Colt

From the FB group. a very nice Colt New Service in .45 Colt. I've always wanted one of these.

Take Down AR Pistol & Side Fold Brace

Me old pal recently decided to put together a couple of AR pistols (EVIL!). These things have been popular in the extreme the...