Let me share a failed gun project

I can't say exactly when I came up with the idea of this, but I recall a couple of things spurring it on. There was...

Reloading 40mm Chalk Rounds

Back when I ordered my M203, chalk rounds were about $5 shipped. When I got it, it took me a bit but I...

Mag Storage Solutions AK47 / AR-10 Mag Holder

This is probably about 10 years too late but I am going to show you anyway. Mag storage solutions sent these to Duncan who...

Anyone need a fuel filter?

Or what about this one? These things are all over the place, ebay, wish, amazon, etc.

That Shooting Accessory You Didn’t Know You Needed Until Now

You ever been doing something that you've done a million times and think "man I wish there was something to make this easier? I...

Rechargeable batteries, those bastards

Long ago I had this idea. I was going to use a Surefire weapon light and an Eotech 553 and then all I...

Russian Perst-4+ Green & IR Laser vs the DBAL-i2

I was never completely happy with the DBAL-i2, so when I learned about the Perst-4 I decided I wanted to get one to replace...

Night Vision PVS-14 Bridge Mounts

Night vision is expensive. Then, there are all sorts of options, but they are sold by competing dealers so it is hard to...

AR15.com 26″ Covert Takedown Case

I was looking for a smaller case to put an SBR or broken down AR in. I have owned several AR soft cases and...