Goofing off

I was going to write up something of value. . . but nah. I am seeing if I can 3d print a 40mm projectile I...

The M18 Claymore Mine – Updated

The M18 claymore mine is maybe not a household name but I would bet it's close to it now a days thanks to Hollywood...

The NoMar Rear M1911 Sight

Have a M1911 with the excellent fixed Novak rear sight that really wish you could have a BoMar on instead? ...

Blast from the past: Fulton Right Flashlight

I've been trying to clean up and sort out all the junk I have. Then I figure out excuses to not get rid...

Where are they now? – Redi-Mag edition

The name of the picture above is, "CarbinePerfection001.jpg". Among the many accessories this gun wears, is a Redi-Mag. What's a Redi-Mag? It is...

SIG SAUER Down-Selected by U.S. Army

Looks like SIG is really proud of their stuff big achievement, though I wouldn't get too excited about it myself. For those...

Test Post-Video

I wonder if this will work.

The M1914/17 Mounted Cartridge Belt

Yesterday we looked at the belts used for the gun team that supported the BAR gunner in its early years. Let's go back even...

Crew Served BAR Gear

After the Browning BAR was adopted, the military did what the military does and came up with a doctrine for it, support gear for...

Let me share a failed gun project

I can't say exactly when I came up with the idea of this, but I recall a couple of things spurring it on. There was...