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Night Vision Hog Slaughter

Yea two videos in a row today. Sorry about that. The Buckey O'Neill article that 3 people will read tops, took a...

AN/PAS-6 Infrared Viewing Device

" The AN/PAS-6 Infrared Viewing Device or Metascope was handheld infrared viewer which was used as an aid in the detection of enemy infra red...

Rechargeable batteries, those bastards

Long ago I had this idea. I was going to use a Surefire weapon light and an Eotech 553 and then all I...

Recoil damaged Night Vision

Unfortunately as our night vision devices have become more and more effective, they have also become more fragile to damage from recoil. The...

Miami Vice Laser Products

This is pretty cool. Above is a screen shot from Miami Vice. The guy is using an old Laser Products laser sight...

How to Get Into Night Vision

Night vision is an incredibly awesome tool that is becoming increasingly popular in the shooting, hunting, and law enforcement communities.  Although night vision is...

Infrared M3 Sniper Scope Find

I stopped at a yard sale the other day and the nice fellow who sold me several military transport cases invited me into his...

Some Surefire History


Some Laser Info As It Relates To Eye Damage

By "it’s just Boris" Okay, a brief primer on laser eye protection … caveat, I am not a laser health physicist, just a laser user...

Night Vision PVS-14 Bridge Mounts

Night vision is expensive. Then, there are all sorts of options, but they are sold by competing dealers so it is hard to...