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Are We Going To Witness The Worst National Emotional Breakdown In History Once The Election Is Over?

Authored by Michael Snyder via TheMostImportantNews.com,

Right now we are experiencing the calm before the storm.  Many Biden supporters believe that a Trump victory would literally be the worst thing that could possibly happen to our country, but at the moment most of them are quite confident that Biden will win.  Likewise, many Trump supporters are absolutely convinced that we will plunge into a horrifying socialist abyss if Biden wins, but for now most of them are convinced that the polls are wrong and that Trump will pull out another victory in November. 

So with just a little over a week until Election Day, most Americans that really care about politics are pacified because they believe that a positive outcome is right around the corner.

But soon that will change, and tens of millions of Americans will simultaneously melt down emotionally right in front of our eyes.

I think that just about everyone realizes that this national temper tantrum is coming.  It is just that most of those that deeply care about politics assume that it will happen to the other side.

At this point, even Facebook is preparing for the worst.  In fact, they are getting ready to implement “emergency measures” that are usually reserved for the most “at-risk” countries…

As the U.S. braces for election-related unrest next month, Facebook executives are implementing emergency measures reserved for “at-risk” countries in a company-wide effort to bring down the online temperature.

The Wall Street Journal reported Sunday that the social media giant plans to limit the spread of viral content and lower the benchmark for suppressing potentially inflammatory posts using internal tools previously deployed in Sri Lanka and Myanmar.

So what would those “emergency measures” look like?  Well, that could potentially even include manipulating your news feed to alter what sort of content you are allowed to see…

Facebook has a number of options it could take including “slowing the spread of viral content and lowering the bar for suppressing potentially inflammatory posts” and “tweaking the news feed to change what types of content users see,” the Wall Street Journal reported.

Of course Facebook has already been manipulating our news feeds for a very long time, but that is a topic for another article.

Personally, I absolutely detest all of the censorship that the big social media companies have been doing, and I am not surprised that they are preparing to go even further.

According to Facebook, these new “emergency measures” will be implemented if there is “election-related violence”

However, the social media colossus only plans to put these restrictions in place in the event of election-related violence (something many others are fearful of and preparing for). However, during a staff meeting CEO Mark Zuckerberg said “a decisive victory from someone” could “be helpful for clarity and for not having violence or civil unrest after the election” which would reduce Facebook’s need to step in.

Considering the fact that we are seeing election-related violence almost constantly now, I would say that there is a pretty good chance that Facebook will actually proceed with these emergency measures.

Meanwhile, the Washington Post is also deeply concerned about what this election may do to our nation.  In a very long article that they just published, they discussed the fact that both sides are convinced that “the wrong outcome will bring disaster”…

One week before Americans choose their path forward, the quadrennial crossroads reeks of despair. In almost every generation, politicians pose certain elections as the most important of their time. But the 2020 vote is taking place with the country in a historically dark mood — low on hope, running on spiritual empty, convinced that the wrong outcome will bring disaster.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” said Frank Luntz, a Republican political consultant who has been convening focus groups of undecided voters for seven presidential cycles. “Even the most balanced, mainstream people are talking about this election in language that is more caffeinated and cataclysmic than anything I’ve ever heard.”

Emotions were definitely running high in 2016, but we have never seen anything quite like this.

Most Democrats believe that Trump and his supporters are deeply evil, and likewise most Republicans believe that Biden and his supporters are deeply evil.

And of course there are also many that are entirely convinced that all of them are deeply evil.

When you have a nation that is this deeply divided, how is anyone ever going to be able to bring us together in unity?

It has been said that a house divided with surely fall, and at this point our divisions have brought us to the verge of national collapse.  Here is more from the Washington Post

But now, the worry on the right that a Democratic win would plunge the nation into catastrophic socialism and the fear on the left that a Trump victory would produce a turn toward totalitarianism have created “a perilous moment — the idea that if the other side wins, we’re in for it,” said Peter Stearns, a historian of emotions at George Mason University.

“The two sides have come to view each other not as opponents, but as deeply evil,” he said. “And that’s happening when trust in institutions has collapsed and each group is choosing not to live near each other. It seems there’s no middle ground.”

But as I pointed out at the beginning of this article, for now both sides are relatively calm because they both believe that they are going to end up winning.

In 2016, the big national polls were dead wrong and Trump pulled out a close victory when the mainstream media had assured everyone that it was inevitable that Hillary Clinton would win.

And once again this year there are indications that the big national polls may be flawed and that Trump may be doing significantly better than the mainstream media is telling us.

On the other hand, Hillary Clinton never came close to the 50 percent mark in most national polls in 2016, and Joe Biden has consistently been above that level in recent weeks.  Democratic operatives would have us believe that indicates that there are far fewer undecided voters this time around.

So I guess we will just have to wait until the real results start coming in to see who was right and who was wrong.

Because so many Americans are voting by mail, it is going to take a lot longer than usual to count all the votes, and a number of key swing states are likely to be very close.  If the results are close enough, it may take weeks before we have an official winner.

Once an official winner is finally declared, there will be tens of millions of Americans in deep emotional pain.

When all of those deeply hurting people start lashing out, you won’t want to be anywhere around.

ATF Interpretive Change Restricts Handgun Imports and May Require NFA Registration

From Military Arms Channel

A letter from the law firm of Wiley Rein LLP was sent to me for sharing on social media (see link). The law firm of Wiley Rein is one of the largest law firms in the firearms industry and represents a number of major manufacturers in their dealings with the BATF and regulations. This is NOT a joke nor is it speculation. This is a stark warning of things to come and I hope it prompts you to take political action.

This letter is about several things but primarily it is something you should take very seriously because of recent actions by the BATF that will affect any owner of AR15 pistols, AK pistols, HK pistols, etc. Yes, this means your Saint AR pistol or your Draco. That’s exactly what the ATF is targeting.

There are several things of importance in this email.

First: It goes against the Trump administrations Executive Order mandating such regulatory practices cease. The BATF has lead the charge is thumbing their nose at the President and his DOJ under the leadership of Attorney General Barr.

Second: Any firearm that has a barrel length that is too long, or the firearm is too heavy will be considered not importable by the BATF. No more pistol versions of rifles will be importable.

Third and the MOST IMPORTANT: Through unwritten interpretation of regulations and through private correspondence with unspecified companies, the ATF has capriciously and arbitrarily decided that ANY AR15 pistol, AK pistol, HK pistol, etc. is an ANY OTHER WEAPON (AOW) and thus is subject to the NFA and taxation. Any company who produces such firearms for sale in the United States and any consumer/owner of such firearms are either manufacturing or in possession of illegal AOW’s. This is being retroactively enforced. It does not matter if you bought a previously approved firearm. The only way you can be for certain you are not in possession of an illegal NFA item is to personally submit your AR15 pistol, AK pistol, etc. to the ATF for a determination. This can take up to a year and any letter given to you is only for you.

The ATF is getting around the EO’s by claiming they’re not making any permanent determination and their decisions are in essence fluid and subject to change.

When you were willing to hand over bump stocks, we warned you it was not about the bump stocks, it was about HOW they were doing it. This is why Gun Owners of America and I are suing the federal government. When they started talking about reclassifying braced pistols as SBR’s, you laughed and said people who bought them were stupid. Now, as we warned, they’re coming for your regular AR15 and AK pistols. Is it so funny now? WAKE UP!

Contact your representatives TODAY and tell them you will NOT stand for the ATF making such capricious and arbitrary rules thus turning millions of Americans into felons over night. Sit silent now and you will have no one to blame but yourselves for what comes next. GET POLITICALLY ACTIVE.

Letter from Wiley Rein: link

Contact your Reps: link

details from wiley law

Within the past few months, at least one HK91 pistol-style submission as light as 8 pounds, with a barrel length of 8-3/4 inches and an overall length of 21-3/4 inches, has been determined to fall outside the definition of “handgun.

In some of the new letters, ATF has begun listing the following “objective design features” when making its evaluations:
Incorporation of rifle sights;
Utilization of “rifle caliber ammunition” (both 5.56mm and 7.62mm have been considered as such);
Incorporation of “rifle-length barrel;”1
The “weapon’s heavy weight;”
Ability to accept magazines that range in capacity from 20 rounds to 100 rounds, “which will contribute to the overall weight of the firearm”; and
Overall length of the weapon which “creates a front-heavy imbalance when held in one hand.”

Under ATF’s new interpretation of the handgun definition, millions of AR-15 style pistols could be considered “too large, or too heavy” to fall within ATF’s new interpretation, thereby making them unregistered NFA weapons, and subjecting manufacturers and gun owners to criminal prosecution. Given the private nature of ATF’s classification rulings, and the subjective nature of the analysis, it is extremely difficult to know for sure whether specific firearms fall within the new interpretation. This appears to be part of a continuing trend at ATF to apply firearms statutes in a more restrictive manner without informing the publica trend that appears unaffected by the IFR. In this uncertain regulatory environment, importers and manufacturers should consult counsel before making significant purchasing, importing, or manufacturing decisions for firearms that could be implicated by ATF’s heretofore unknown and undisclosed analysis.

RIAC Blog- Winchester rifles from the Tom Selleck Collection

Tom Selleck is one of the most famous American actors to ever appear on the silver screen. His iconic roles in Quigley Down Under, Blue Bloods, and of course Magnum P.I. have undoubtedly cemented him as one of the greats, but did you know that Tom Selleck is also an avid firearms enthusiast, collector, and activist?

A U.S. Army veteran, Selleck has worked passionately and tirelessly on behalf of veterans and gun owners around the country through various organizations he is involved in. Selleck was a member of the board of directors at the National Rifle Association for over 10 years, has appeared in multiple advertisements for the National Review, and has amassed an impressive personal collection of historic, rare, and absolutely beautiful firearms.

Featured in Rock Island Auction Company’s December Premier Auction is a unique opportunity to own items personally owned, used, and cared for by Tom Selleck himself. In total, there are 25 items from the Selleck collection that differ in prices from just over $1,000 to $50,000; perfect for any price range.

A truly jaw-dropping collection, each item is worthy of praise and admiration individually. However, detailed here are just a handful of the near two dozen other spectacular firearms available from Mr. Selleck’s collection. Take a look and place your bids quickly, the next Premier Auction takes place December 4th-6th.

Lot #84: Winchester 16 in. Barrel Model 1892 Trapper Carbine

A serious collection of firearms just would not be complete without the inclusion of some iconic Winchesters of the 19thcentury. The lever actions produced during this time were so effective that few remain in good condition because of their extensive use on the frontier.

This 1892 trapper carbine from the Tom Selleck collection was manufactured in 1925, and is in excellent condition with much of its original finish still present on the gun. As mentioned earlier, these rifles were used as a tool and because of their life exposed to the elements, these carbines are, more often than not, seen with very little finish remaining and wearing all of the scars of their working life.

An example like this out of Mr. Selleck’s collection in such outstanding condition is so exceedingly rare it could be considered the finest Winchester 1892 trapper carbine ever sold at Rock Island Auction Company. The desirable 16 inch barrel on this example is marked with two-line model/trademark/caliber marking on the left of the barrel near the breech. There are Winchester factory oval proofs on the barrel and receiver at the breech.

Trapper carbines are desirable no matter the configuration or condition, but the 16 inch barrel versions are especially so as it is the shortest barrel length permitted by without requiring an ATF exemption letter. Along with having such a desirable barrel length, this example is chambered in the most popular Model 1892 caliber, .44 W.C.F., and it exhibits the sort of exceptional condition that is so rarely seen among trapper carbines. Estimated at $35,000-$50,000, it also boasts being previously owned by Magnum, himself.

Lot #1054: Winchester Model 1886 Lever Action Rifle

The Winchester Model 1886 lever action rifle was one of the most advanced firearms of its day. Designed by John Moses Browning, this rifle was capable of firing some of the heaviest and most powerful ammunition available at the time. A significant design in the evolution of repeating rifles, the Winchester 1886 possessed a strong enough action to smoothly transition from black powder to smokeless powder with minimal changes.

A scaled-down version of the 1886 rifle was later designed by Browning and issued as the successful Model 1892. During World War I, members of the British Royal Flying Corps employed incendiary cartridges in their Winchester 1886s chambered in .45-90 Sharps in order to ignite hydrogen airships commonly used by the Germans.

Lot 1054:Tom Selleck Winchester Model 1886 Lever Action Rifle

This Winchester Model 1886 is accompanied by a factory letter confirming its half octagon barrel in .40-82 caliber, plain trigger, and half magazine are authentic. This rifle also has a desirable early casehardened receiver found only on Model 1886 rifles manufactured prior to 1902.

The receiver, hammer, lever, forend cap and buttplate are gorgeously casehardened, the bolt is blued and the loading gate is a beautiful niter blue. The plain forearm and straight grip stock are nicely figured walnut. Estimated at $22,500-$35,000, this Model 1886 has been kept in excellent condition and would make a fantastic addition to any collection.

Lot #1042: Two Digit Winchester 1873 Lever Action Rifle

Winchester Model 1873 rifles are often nicknamed “the gun that won the West,” and for good reason. The Model 1873 is perhaps the most successful rifle Winchester has ever produced with its legacy extending well into today.

In total, only about 720,000 of these rifles were produced up until 1923 and few exist in the condition as pristine as the one offered from the Tom Selleck Collection. Besides the remarkable quality the rifle has remained in over its 100 year history, this particular Winchester 1873 is an early production model.

See the rest linked below . It is worth checking out.