Tactical Musette Bag


When you want a Modular Assault Pack or zip on pack but have a taste for the retro or are just poor, slap a musette pack on it.

What’s old is new again. Quick attach small packs are tactical hotness. But the idea has been around. Take the good old musette bag. The function was pretty much the same as the modern ones in that you could don and doff it quickly.

Bravery from Above: The Paratroopers of D-Day - MagellanTV
Prior to a jump the bag would be hung in front
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After landing it would either be unclipped and reattached or flipped over the head.
Good visual example

Here’s my first version, it actually fit pretty good. I just did this as a lark one day while bored so the attachment wasn’t the best. If I was going to do it for real I would put some D rings on the shoulders and fix the grimlocs. The grimlocs work well with the PALS webbing but don’t interface with the D-ring on the bag that well.

The How:
Thought I would redo it a little more purposefully. So I picked up some D rings and snap hooks for a few cents each. More low profile than grimlocs and more in line with the original M1936 pack and suspenders set up. I put a small cut in the D rings to slip them on. I think if I was to do this more seriously I would pick up some of the adapters in the last picture. But it was really fast and easy, just loop the D ring and snap hooks through the appropriate spots and clip on. Took five minutes

The color is even a near match
Excuse the mutt

I do like how low profile these snap hooks are, and the flat back keeps them from moving around but I would maybe switch them for small carabiners (the type you usually see being used for key) if I was planning on doing a fair amount of donning/doffing. It might be a little easier to clip and unclip from being the back, these are pretty stiff.

Here’s some close up of the hardware I used.

Probably going to swap the D-rings out for these.

The Review:
It actually works pretty well. Not counting shipping the whole set up cost me about $42. A lot less that the $100-$200 tactical packs. Sure there’s no MOLLE or velcro but you make up for it in style points. I like that it allows you to keep your hydration bladder attached or whatever else you might have back there. And does allow you to add a good amount of storage without completely reconfiguring your plate carrier in just a few seconds. And if you’re dexterous enough, do it without even removing your carrier. You can also make it more permanent by running the straps through the pads/straps on the carrier shoulders. So yeah. I dig it. Thought maybe some of you out there might want to try it too.

So thanks to At The Front for the quality M1936 Musette.
Go buy some. (They do also make I nicer one too for the discerning customer)


  1. That is a good use for older gear. Their is a alot od stuff out there that isn’t the latest, high speed hotness, but is functional or can be repurchased. This is especally true for those of lesser means, or if you can’t find exactly what you need

  2. I appreciate the ingenuity but this is, uh, retro cosplay. The material, closure and mounting system of this antique are rated for ComicCon. You’d be better served by purchasing ripoff nylon gear off Evike or just using a commuter grade backpack off Amazon.

    Mounted packs never made any sense to me. If you’re on foot and need a bag, you want a bag you can take off quickly under stress (assault pack) to get into yourself. If you’re in a vehicle, you need a bag you can quickly on/off so you can sit in the vehicle. At no point during my career did I go, “Wow, I really want this halfass ruck on me but I don’t want to be able to get at it without fumbling four buckles / taking my kit off entirely.” Mounted hydration? Okay. But anything larger with accessories is for direct action dorks and the credit-card maxin’ hype drip soy-choads on Reddit. If you don’t need it now (MREs, sleeping system, that crusty American Curves magazine), it is left at the RDP. If you need it on site (special teams gear), it’s in an assault pack that you can access quickly or pass off easily.

    If you’re super set on this, at least throw some Fastex buckles on that thing. Ain’t nobody got time to rethread aglet’d straps even when they’re apocalypse LARPing in their basement.

  3. Do you have no money and no sense of style? The Swiss M70 Rucksack is the choice for you. Usually less than $10, durable as hell, and comes in glorious alpenflage. It comes with clips built in and is a purpose built quick detach bag.


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