Prep Rant: Let’s Argue


So I saw this meme today and it reminded me of some of the stuff I talked about before. I think too many people focus on the gear and not the larger picture. Or just realize that their situation will probably be pretty miserable in reality.

While it’s important to have good gear and if you can afford top quality stuff even better. But gear alone wont do a whole lot for you. Food and water for example, always with the water, you will burn through it faster than you think. And food too, although that usually seems to be people just assuming that they will be able to just grow whatever they need easy peasy. Yeah, good luck. (I wish I could find the meme again but of course as soon as you look it’s gone) Personally I already know I’m screwed on that front. The ground in my region is mostly rock/gravel and doesn’t support much of anything. Add to that the harshness of the sun that will burn and kill most plants in the summer months if they are not covered. I still keep a mental note of areas that would be suitable at least but my “plan” (idea maybe more accurate) is more of a delaying action or buying of time, not a long term one. Would I like a long term one? Sure, but it’s not doable. Be reasonable and aware of limitations.

Kit does not equal proficiency. I see guys all the time with expensive plate carriers and guts hanging out below them. Do something, go to a class (although finding a useful one seems to be easier said than done), go to the range, run around in your gear, hell just hustle around the block. I’m not in great shape and haven’t done any serious competing in over 10 years, but can I at least throw my gear on and move? yeah. And just because you have plates does not make you invincible. There is still plenty of meat to get hit. Heck some people debate even using them, preferring speed over protection. All different things to give serious thought too.

I guess this is more of a rant than anything. I just see people who either thing they are going to suddenly turn into homesteaders. When they probably can hardly get their lawn green. Or they think they’re going to be Master Chief of Seal Team 69.

So yeah, I’m mostly just rambling so let’s get arguing, agreeing, or just rambling. Ready…. Go!
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  1. “10-4 Good Buddy!” as my truck-drivin’ daddy would say. I fall on the less weight, more maneuverability side of the equation. Mind if I join the rant?
    I’m fortunate to live in an area that is farmland and woodland so, if I need to plant a garden or hunt for food (four-legged or finned), I’m in a good place. All I have to do is get off my old ass and do it.
    I’ve also seen the wanna-be warrior idiots. I’ve also seen that they don’t last long either. I always believed that the deadliest weapon in my puny arsenal is between my ears. That’s also the location of the best safety devise. You’re right about the need for good gear, especially knowledge. That’s why I keep the book “Stoneage Skills for the 21st Century” in the main pack.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. A friend recently asked me about helping him select some plates. While he debated between steel and ceramic, he added that he wanted to add his new MOLLE mag pouch on the front of the carrier. A triple pouch that holds a total of 6 AR mags. I told him once he’s done suiting up with two plates, the weight of 180 rds, his other gear, and his CQB rifle, he’ll be lucky if he can walk.

    I recommended a soft armor vest and battle belt (such as T-Rex Arms) with two AR mags and two sidearm mags. Learn to successfully perform drills with that lesser weight, and then add more if desired. Don’t start maxed out.

    • Not sure where all the other comments went, but
      Ceramics can be had for the same price as steel these days, so unless its a training set just get the ceramic. I got a LVL IV set from RMA for less than any of the AR500 companies steel options. The shooty stuff is fun to plan for and think about but really probably the last thing you will need. And it does depend on your area. Might be better off with a slick carrier just keeping a lower profile. The hardest stuff to figure out is all the logistical stuff like food water etcetera.


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