Prep Rant: Let’s Argue


So I saw this meme today and it reminded me of some of the stuff I talked about before. I think too many people focus on the gear and not the larger picture. Or just realize that their situation will probably be pretty miserable in reality.

While it’s important to have good gear and if you can afford top quality stuff even better. But gear alone wont do a whole lot for you. Food and water for example, always with the water, you will burn through it faster than you think. And food too, although that usually seems to be people just assuming that they will be able to just grow whatever they need easy peasy. Yeah, good luck. (I wish I could find the meme again but of course as soon as you look it’s gone) Personally I already know I’m screwed on that front. The ground in my region is mostly rock/gravel and doesn’t support much of anything. Add to that the harshness of the sun that will burn and kill most plants in the summer months if they are not covered. I still keep a mental note of areas that would be suitable at least but my “plan” (idea maybe more accurate) is more of a delaying action or buying of time, not a long term one. Would I like a long term one? Sure, but it’s not doable. Be reasonable and aware of limitations.

Kit does not equal proficiency. I see guys all the time with expensive plate carriers and guts hanging out below them. Do something, go to a class (although finding a useful one seems to be easier said than done), go to the range, run around in your gear, hell just hustle around the block. I’m not in great shape and haven’t done any serious competing in over 10 years, but can I at least throw my gear on and move? yeah. And just because you have plates does not make you invincible. There is still plenty of meat to get hit. Heck some people debate even using them, preferring speed over protection. All different things to give serious thought too.

I guess this is more of a rant than anything. I just see people who either thing they are going to suddenly turn into homesteaders. When they probably can hardly get their lawn green. Or they think they’re going to be Master Chief of Seal Team 69.

So yeah, I’m mostly just rambling so let’s get arguing, agreeing, or just rambling. Ready…. Go!
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  1. While the only things you can grow in my immediate locale are mold and old (Redwood rainforest) I’m only a few miles away from excellent farmland.
    And Friends/Allies.
    No one is going to make it on their own for long, it takes a group with a variety of skills.
    When I moved to rural Sonoma County from Oakland I got involved in volunteering with several groups and I kept it up until health issues made it impossible.
    People know me, they know I show up when I say I will and do what I say I will and a little more.
    And that is the most important survival tool I have.

    • That’s a good point about the alone part.
      At one point I could make one call or send 1 text and have a good sized group together shortly. But now that everyone has gone on to their own paths and been scattered to the wind it feels like I’m the last man standing. join a group of some kind. One that shares your values ideally.

  2. Food, water, (making fresh water), and working with friends, family, and your community are the best things.

    IT gets far more complicated if you have a family. The above becomes drastically more important. If I have to deal with a threat, or hunt, or scavenge for supplies I cannot take my toddler with me and my wife may also have important tasks – TV and cellphone distractions may not be available.

    Self sufficiency – even as a group is huge. For example: More and more people are gardening and we share with are neighbors and they share with us.

    At this point – short of an EMP, biblical flood, or other Armageddon – if we have to bug out we will be in a vehicle of some kind.

    I do need to get armor though and NV would be nice. I wonder if the Talaban will be selling any on Ebay?

    • I would love NV, but got dang is it pricey. At thought the same thing about the talis haha. I always have intensions of saving for it but usually end up having no patience

  3. I have an Eagle Rhodesian Recon with a ceramic level 4 in the front. I have a med kit, and it has a 3 mag panel on each side. It is a front only carrier. For me to put it on, the situation would have to be bad. For example, i may have to go in to the city to extricate my wife from the university she teaches at if things ever get rioty. Or possibly if the s has already htf and need to go somewhere to procure some item.

    Growing food would be a full time, hard job. You aren’t going to subsist on cucumbers and tomatoes. It would involve large plots of storeable calories. In my area, my ancestors were subsistence farmers and it was things like dent corn, sorguhm, sweet potatoes, potatoes and peanuts. Beans and cornbread with fried potatoes is still a commonly enjoyed meal in my locality. If you look at the origins of soul food, it is almost identical. Check out the history of your area and see, what were local people subsisting on circa 1850-1930. That would be a good starting place.

    Also, rice is still cheap. A pantry with several 5 gallon buckets of rice, dried beans and canned meats, sugar, spices and maybe some MRE’s and coffee would be a good starting place. Much cheaper than a “grid down 60 day supply” bucket.

    Also, bullets. Lots and lots of bullets. I still need to get a basic reloading setup.

    • Jsizzle,one thing about protein mixes and emergency freeze dried buckets is their advantage of being able to throw in the vehicle quick as you have to leave”right now”.

      That said,have rice/beans/canned food/seeds/garden ect. and at least a few “fast food buckets”for immediate bugout,some caches if doable also a nice idea.

    • Good point if you have to leave where you’re at. I’m screwed if it comes to that. We’ve prepped and live miles out from most anything. Out here in the good ole BFE.

  4. Had a conversation with some doctors who were self sustainers like ourselves during this pandemic crap. We all agreed at one point that an often missed easy to store food is protien shake powder. Lasts for years, its a complete meal, packed with protein and vitamins. All you need is a good water supply. Bulk places sell huge jugs of it cheap, even non dairy soy based.
    It will fulfill a hunger much better than bland rice and beans as well as provide more energy.

    Farming and hunting/gathering to survive is doable, but it takes some prep work ahead of time and skill sets, then it takes lots of labor and luck. starving to death becomes a real thing.
    Having local farms is an idea but realize they don’t plant everything and they almost never store anything or process anything.
    Better get real familiar with raising chickens and hogs and learning to butcher them and how to store the fat and meat, especially if you have winters as tomatoes don’t grow in the snow but pigs do!

    Don’t assume you will go out to the countryside and level the deer population either, that’s a good way to become pig food.

    I wouldn’t ditch a vest for speed, unless you run faster than 3000 fps.

    While getting gear, guys, STOP THE BLEED, take a class, buy a few tourniquets, learn to use em and where to keep them.

    Water, food, shelter, medical treatment. Skip any of those and you’re toast.

    Books, go to discount places that sell books, buy a few how to home garden, homestead, etc ones, even if you don’t read them, find a place to keep them for reference when the internet goes out and you need to know something.

    Use your skills.

    VERY important. For example if you are a plumber, keep supplies that are common stored somewhere, you may be able to use your skills to trade for things, can’t use the skills if nothing is available.
    A lot of trade people do this, not all, I know many people who have great skills but do not own any tools of the trade themselves. Example, machinists who don’t even have a drill press or small lathe at home, if you can’t get to the plant or shop during a crisis, you are going to have trouble utilizing your greatest assets.


  5. All good points.. never thought about protein powder. Pretty slick idea. I would love to take a good medical class. But for some reason I can only ever find CPR or basic boy scout first aid in my area. So I’m jealous of those of you that have them.

  6. I just recently got some NV/gen. 3 in white phosphorous,and,though still very new to it absolutely love it just as a nature toy and can see the real survival edge advantage/night hunting it offers with some work with unit. I have a friend with a old sand pit on his property,perfect to get used to shooting with it though still want some time with unit before going there.

    I spent 2800 on unit but with mount/j-arm/crye cap and a really good laser into for about 3500.I would if you have a good group you would work with in really tough times go in on a group buy,would be worth it on many levels.That said,this is coming from a NV nebie,so keep that in mind.

    The protein shakes a no brainer,cup,water,something to stir with,about as easy and basic as it gets.

    • From a survival standpoint, protein should be a far lower priority thatn
      It is relatively expensive (compared to fats & carbs) and is low in energy/calories (technically on par with carbs BUT a significant amount of those calories are spent on digesting it, aka the thermic effect, look it up if you don’t believe me).

      • The protein may be slower to digest and require more calories to process but it staves off hunger longer, provides amino acids for build and repair as well as proper system function and most prepared powders have a balance of fats in them.
        Just look to the guys who do deep country hunts or hikes, they don’t pack donuts and pixie sticks. Sure you get a short energy burst but you get a sugar spike and crash.

  7. I dont get lasting satiety from any protein powder. Unless you mix it with psyllium husk or something. Maybe some hardgainer type high calorie blends do this, but they arent cheap. Most of what i see is whey concentrate or isolate or blends with casein, egg, etc. Even the casein which theoretically digests slowly, doesnt just stay in the gut. Liquid of most sorts passes rather quickly to the large intestine once initial enzymatic breakdown is initiated in the gut. Beans and rice are going to provide more bulk and stick around longer than protein powder. True facts brah. I lift a lot, have consumed almost every kind of powdered protein you can imagine. Best effect, worst taste, good to have on hand for shtf: dessicated beef liver powder. If you’re man enough to wretch that down, you’ll be amazed at your growth, recovery time and energy levels. Best thing short of steroids imo.

  8. Not wrong, but a PC and plates ain’t really that much anymore. The NV guys who have $10k+ gen3 bino rigs with no actual experience shooting at night would have made a better target (forgive the pun).


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