Lets have a little back and forth. I have been thinking about moving looserounds over to substack. There are a few reasons for this. First is, google demonitized the website last December. The only money the site makes now comes from the pitiful wordpress ads and whatever ad space that I sell.

The google issue was a matter of censorship. Some of you.. want to sperg out in the comment section about the ZOG, non-stop. Which is a sure fire way to make sure any article those comments show up on are demonetized. The gun content didn’t help either, of course. Gun content violates googles rules about having to always be fags I guess.

The selling of ad space works ok, but It’s not really much without the wordpress or adsense ads supporting it. I worry every day I’m going to wake up to an email saying wordpress is gone because some of you jackasses won’t stop ranting in the comments. I could censor the comments, but no one wants that. Not even me. Muh principles.. .

Substack has the very attractive benefit of not censoring content. Substack also allows me to set up a subscription, and you can sub for 5 dollars a month.

Do you feel like you get 5 dollars a month value from this site? Apparently most of you don’t, because in 10 years exactly 3 people have donated using the paypal donate feature. I know, gun people are cheap bastards, unless you somehow manage to have a popular youtube channel, have long hair or are some bro-vet statist homo that sells coffee to the gullible part of the gun owning community that doesn’t know you hate them.

I spend at least 40 hours a week on the site from writing, to gathering info, to researching for future stuff, shooting stuff, annoying gun companies to send me stuff, answering emails and comments and uploading photos. All that crap. It gets old, and I get burnt out pretty often. Then that content gets ripped off by various other gun websites and shared like they did it. First world problems.

I know, some of you will whine about paywalls and call me Shawn Thompsonburg over it, but whatever. I have put 10 years into this site, and it’s always been free. We hoped that eventually people would like it enough to donate. Such naïveté! The site apparently isn’t worth the price of a cup of black rifle coffee to most readers, lol.

Anyway, I am probably going to transition to substack by some point early next year if not sooner unless suddenly the 3,000 regular readers a day decide they might want to donate some (Which I don’t expect to happen, ever as long as it’s free)or if enough people complain loudly enough about the change.

What would happen here? I would just let the site exist here until it was time to renew it and just wouldn’t. It would then go the way of the Dodo Bird an Disco.

Watters has seemingly vanished, but the 556 timeline and Geared up would still exist on each’s own side website.

I don’t know what will happen to weaponsman, we couldn’t get the domain because Howard just up and said “fuck it” about that and being part of this site out of nowhere much to my surprise a few months ago. The domain name is already up for sale, and I’m not going to pay for it. I am not going to take on additional costs for weaponsman domain name for a site I will never try to monetize. Much as I would like too, I just ain’t going to. Of course there is a version of weaponsman through us, but it will never be over at www.weaponsman.com again unless someone buys the name then copies our copy and moves it over there. Which any of you are free to do. I’m just not going to be the one to do it. So there’s that.

So if this goes to substack, I will cherry-pick all my favorite articles and move them over there to save them. Then start putting up new stuff there.

For sure I will start posting here and over at substack immediately starting some time later this week.

My other option is to just sell LooseRounds and be done with it. I’m not that annoyed with it yet to go that far.

Nothing is set in stone yet, and I’m just pondering out loud and letting you know what I’m thinking because I value most of your input. You have been loyal readers and what you say matters to me.

Oh, and don’t expect much from me today. I have to take my Mother out of town for her post surgery check up.



  1. I’m one of the cheap gun guys that Shawn mentioned, even more so now that I’m officially retired from the Army a couple weeks ago (10-8-2021). That being said, I miss Shawn’s postings too much, so I had to cough up some cash for the website.


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