Friday turned out to be a sweltering day that paid off.

I got these four all within 10 minutes. A walnut tree and a hickory tree weren’t even 15 foot from each other and there was probably 7 of them in both trees total. I shot the small one first and because the rest were cutting, they paid no attention to the shot. They assume the noise is from one of the other sqwacks. As long as they dont see you or see their pal fall out of the tree, you can pick them off.

The Model 31 L shoots a very tight pattern.

The amount of shavings under the trees was incredible. It sounded like rain while they were all eating.

The pawpaws aren’t ripe yet unfortunately.

You can see how hot it was by how sweat soaked my hate got.

I also managed to forage some ” chicken of the woods”.



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