This Smith 624 left the Factory in 1985, the first year Smith offered it. At a later date it was nicely modified into the custom packing pistol you see here, frame converted to Round Butt, action smoothed nicely, Gold bead front sight added. Performed very good with a 250 gr Keith LSWC over 7 gr of Unique today.-Karl


  1. If I could get a revolver with a calibre starting with “4”, I’d go for something like this. I’ve fired .44 Magnums, and the recoil and muzzle blast is too much…it’s a recipe for buliding a world class flinch, at least in my case. The .44 Special is toned down enough to be a pleasant shooting experience while being more than enough gun.

    Thanks for the regular wheelgun pics Shawn. They’re much appreciated.

  2. Had a Model 29 for several years until I realized the only full power loads it consumed was when friends wanted to try it out for giggles. Special and reduced loads were more usable but then the gun didn’t make sense.


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