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Gun rights advocates rally at Capitol to push for ‘constitutional carry’ in Florida
Tori Lynn Schneider
Tallahassee Democrat

With empty gun holsters strapped to their belts, around 50 gun rights advocates rallied at the Florida Capitol Monday afternoon.

Led by state Rep. Anthony Sabatini, R-Howey-in-the-Hills, an outspoken conservative currently running for Congress, the group gathered to display their support for relaxed gun laws in the Sunshine State.

While flanked by two representatives from Gun Owners of America, a grassroots non-profit, Sabatini announced plans to file a bill, for the third year in a row, that would allow “constitutional carry,” including open carry, in Florida.

According to the U.S. Concealed Carry Association, constitutional carry gives people the freedom to carry a gun, openly or concealed, at any time or place, without training, registration or government licensing.

Rep. Anthony Sabatini speaks at a rally organized by Gun Owners of America, in support of making Florida a constitutional carry state at the Capitol Monday, August 23, 2021.
“It’s time that we actually start fighting and expanding our robust Bill of Rights in the United States,” Sabatini said. “And the Second Amendment being, in my opinion, one of the most, if not the single most guaranteed right in the Bill of Rights.”

Sabatini called out his fellow Republicans, some by name, including House Speaker Chris Sprowls, for not doing enough for gun rights.

“We need them to change their tune to fix this travesty by passing constitutional carry, and also repealing the red flag laws here in the state of Florida,” he said.

Sabatini was joined by two representatives from Gun Owners of America  Erich Pratt and Luis Valdes.

Pratt named the reasons he believes constitutional carry should be passed in Florida. First, he said, people should not be required to ask for permission to protect themselves and their loved ones. Second, he said, guns help prevent crime.

Lastly, Pratt said Republicans should pass constitutional carry because the right to bear arms is in the constitution.

“Armed Floridians are safe Floridians,” he said.

Video when we were meeting up prior to heading to the Capitol.

Video of the rally.


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