Yes, it’s finally that time again. This year has started out pretty good considering the oppressive heat of 97 degrees even at 600PM.

This year I am using the Model 31 light weight 16 gauge I got from Brady last winter.

The M31L has the alloy receiver and a 24 inch barrel. It is a joy to carry up and down the mountain side. Feels like carrying a toy it’s so light.

Opening day( evening, because I am not a morning hunter).

As usual, they are eating the hickory nuts up.

I shot this one right as I was leaving the mountain. It fell and got hung up in the fork of this branch. Sad to say, I had to expend another round to knock it loose. Very frustrating. Ammo is already rare and 16gauge heavy game loads is already hard enough to find in normal years.

I was happy to see the pawpaw trees have another grove started.

And above is the results of Sunday evening’s hunting.


  1. Have you ever considered reloading your shotshells?

    Afaik the Lee press does a fair job for affordable money, apparently the Cowboy Action shooters use it to fix their specialized loads.

    • I Dont have any interest in handloading shotgun shells. I have enough 16ga bought up to do me for at least 3 years and I only use shotguns during the state squirrel season.

  2. Season doesn’t start until mid September in WV which is fine by me – too hot right now. Looking forward to it, though. I’ll probably end up using the old LC Smith 12 ha since my Dad has “borrowed” my 16 ga 870 for the last 20 years or so.

    I’ve never cared much for shotshell reloading but Dad is into it so I have a source should things get scarce.

  3. Southeastern Kentucky squirrel hunter myself. I use a mid 70’s Browning Sweet 16, bought by my Grandpaw and passed down.


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