Yes, it’s finally that time again. This year has started out pretty good considering the oppressive heat of 97 degrees even at 600PM.

This year I am using the Model 31 light weight 16 gauge I got from Brady last winter.

The M31L has the alloy receiver and a 24 inch barrel. It is a joy to carry up and down the mountain side. Feels like carrying a toy it’s so light.

Opening day( evening, because I am not a morning hunter).

As usual, they are eating the hickory nuts up.

I shot this one right as I was leaving the mountain. It fell and got hung up in the fork of this branch. Sad to say, I had to expend another round to knock it loose. Very frustrating. Ammo is already rare and 16gauge heavy game loads is already hard enough to find in normal years.

I was happy to see the pawpaw trees have another grove started.

And above is the results of Sunday evening’s hunting.


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