If there is one thing I am as passionate about as guns, it’s film. I love movies. If you have read this website long enough, you know that. Watching them isn’t even enough for me. I’m the guy who watches movies with the director and writers commentary turned on. I watch documentaries about the movies I watch or about the people that make them. I even read scholarly essays analyzing them. I am a bit of a spurg about movies, the same way I am about guns.

One of the my favorite documentaries about movies is this one. It is about John Milius. Milius is one of us. He is a gun guy, he gets it. He wrote Apocalypse Now(which I own 6 different cuts of). He wrote Jeremiah Johnson. He wrote and directed Conan, Red Dawn, Rough Riders, The Wind and The Lion. HE wrote the best dialogue in JAWS and The Hunt For Red October. He wrote most of the good stuff in Dirty Harry and all of Magnum Force.

This doc was made about him in 2013 and it is very enjoyable even if you don’t care much about movies or a deeper look into them beause it’s about the man himself. And I don’t wont to hear any shit about it in the comments, Peter.


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