“America is not a hospital,” she starts off by telling the board. “This is a constitutional republic that guarantees protection of individual liberty, freedom and due process.”

“San Diego is not a hospital floor that we have collectively checked into, that we collectively have checked into that subjects all patients to equiably subscribed medical care without due process” she continues. 

“Our constitution does not secure for government power to impose forced equity in medical mandates. There are 3.338 million people in San Diego county, 3,811 people have died with Covid, of whom 96% had comorbidities, median age 77. That is a totally fatality rate of 0.1%!”

“WE REMOVE CONSENT from treating us like patients in a hospital ward!” she concludes, raising her voice at the end of her speech. “We are done, the consent of the governed is removed. We will not comply. We do not consent. Nathan Fletcher you are on notice. We will constitutionally remove all petty tyrants beginning now.”


  1. Hard to disagree with anything she said.
    With that said, we are many decades past the point of the consent of the governed being removed. The problem is, consent of the governed is not necessary for rulers to rule. The farmer does not need the consent of the cattle. The one and only option cattle have is whether to stampede or not.


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