1. That Stonetoss is priceless. The way that guy can nail the essence of modern day shit with a few words and some simple images is amazing.

  2. Man, I was eyeballing some pretty nice trucks and vans that .gov left behind at Bagram yesterday. Ford F-350s, Toyota Hiluxes, Ford Transits, a big Rover something.

    • Yep,and John,at the moment to buy one in the US you are paying too much.

      We paid for the taliban to have nice wheels,when is it our turn?

      Does one need to kick out a govt. to get a deal on wheels these days?

      Not saying against that option.

  3. So, if you have a table of bearded Taliban dudes and a table of shrill lgbtqpb+ antifa, who do you sit with… honestly, I have more in common with the Taliban guys.


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