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Things are getting weird in the Capitol again. 

Capitol police are still negotiating with the suspect who claims to have a bomb in his truck situation near the Library of Congress. The identity of the man has been determined, but a motive for his planned attack isn’t yet known.

Capitol Police are “still seeking a peaceful resolution to this incident,” the chief told a group of reporters.

Meanwhile, at least one media report offered more colorful details about the would-be bomber. Apparently, he’s sitting in a black pickup truck parked right in front of the Library of Congress building where he had been shouting about having “a bomb” while tossing dollar bills out of his window.

The Independent, a British newspaper with growing presence in Washington, offered a photo of the suspect along with witness comments. Other media reports claimed the man has a propane tank rigged as a bomb in his truck.

Sydney Bobb, 22, a student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, said she was on her way to a race in politics class near the Library of Congress at about 9.25am when she noticed a man in a black pickup truck shouting that he had a bomb.

“I was walking on that block because that’s where I go to class. He was shouting that he had a bomb. And then he threw money out the side of the truck,” Ms Bobb told The Independent by phone as she was being evacuated from her class.

She said she couldn’t see any device in his truck, and law enforcement have so far been unable to verify whether the man has explosives.

“I remember feeling scared,” she said.

Ms Bobb took a photo of the suspect which showed dollar bills strewn on the ground near the truck.

She initially thought the bills must have been fake “because who throws money out of a truck?”

“But it wasn’t.”

Here’s the photo:

Meanwhile, a reporter for NBC News claims the suspect is a white male from North Carolina spouting anti-government statements.

Hopefully whatever marker he’s using to communicate with the cops doesn’t dry out…

Now, we wait to see whether Democrats will use the incident to demand Capitol Hill and the surrounding area return to the locked-down militarized state that lasted for weeks in the wake of Jan. 6.



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