They are willing to kill people to save them from covid.


  1. If anyone can determine Hallidays location they need to forward this to the local police and firearms licensing/registration authorities if any.

    • The FBI, ATF & police that gets $$$, training & awards from the ADL, you mean?
      Yeah, the more likely result is anyone reporting this getting held for questioning and investigated for being a “DVE”/racist/antisemite.

  2. See this for what it is: They desperately want someone white and rightwing to crack and get violent. Jack boot stomp down ensues.

  3. When ZOG removed the religion of the goyim via mockery, libels & slanders and subversion, they knew what they were doing. The only inevitable result from that is the vacuum could then be filled with another de facto religion. This is just one example of that. Devout and pious followers of COVIDianity are all around us. Same for the de facto standard religion of the entire “West”, which can be roughly summed up as a combination of Holocaustianity & the cult of MLK.


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