Authored by Steve W

atson via Summit News,

The Taliban sent Joe Biden a message Tuesday by posing for a photograph, which later end up on Twitter, showing fighters holding ice cream cones.

The message is clear. They know Biden is a weak, mentally disabled joke of a man, and they have zero fear of America under his leadership.

This is the image Biden has projected to America’s enemies.

During a “press conference” in which Taliban leaders took questions from reporters (something Joe Biden refused to do Monday) they even commented that free speech in America is under more threat than in Afghanistan owing to the administration’s use of Facebook to censor dissent, and general big tech erosion of freedom of expression:


  1. LOL. I never thought I’d be cheering on the Taliban….. yet here I am. That’s what happens when ZOG just can’t stop overreaching. Good for the Taliban. They have 6000000000000000000000x more legitimacy than any of ZOG’s alternatives and are frankly better for humanity than the coalition of sodomites, child-rapists, feminists, aspiring twerking whores, drug dealers and Shabbos golem that ZOG summons wherever its tentacles reach.


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