1. I thought it was Ruger that copied Kel-Tec stuff.

    I wonder if this comes with a capri-sun like bag of urine with S&W branding…

    • In 2017 Kel-tec’s marketing team came up with a very memorable image..

      Type this into Google: “kel-tec marketing urine”

      • Maybe S&W is going for “Like Kel Tec but without having to drink your own piss.”

        I’d call that a winner. Shoot, at least it’s not YAAR (Yet Another AR).

  2. Thanks, I remember that advertisement. Snow encrusted face, if you’re hardcore enough to drink your own pee, you’re the kind of lone wolf who carries our plastic rectangle bullpup. They did several that left me pondering which target demographic they were trying to tap into. Hey there grim faced stocky bearded redneck with a dip in, want to git you a plastic 33 round .22 pistol? Hell yeah, we know you do bruther.


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