This one couldn’t wait till Friday


  1. There is an additional significant element at play here, that most people either aren’t aware of or are ignoring.
    ZOG has simply substituted one goyim golem for another in Afghanistan. White golem were there for the last 20 years, and they’re moving them elsewhere (back to the USA to direct them at the uppity white goyim founding stock there) and now yellow golem have been moved in.
    ZOG has its hooks deep inside China, having been there in full force since the Opium Wars (Sassoon family, look them up), and today BlackRock (Larry Fink) owns the shit out of China, even having gotten them to remove foreign ownership limits on his behalf. ZOG is a shifty creature, and have golem of many colors.
    The Taliban were far from the only factor in ZOG pulling back its American golem. ZOG would not hesitate to actually use nukes on uppity white goyim.

  2. Stonetoss is probably the greatest political cartoonist of the current day. His simple little drawings are like razors, and this one is as sharp as any I’ve ever seen.

  3. When the zog talk gets deep and steamy, it’s likely a disinfo agent or a moonbat. Rabid zog talk is a great way to shut down actual conversation and scare people away. Not saying there aren’t evil Jewish interests with fingers in the pie, but c’mon man. You come off like a charicature… might be that you are one.


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