The Samson Enhanced Ejector Rod instantly upgrades the Ruger® Wrangler® or New Model Single-Six® .22 LR single action revolvers by providing easier case ejection. With a larger button, ejecting spent .22 cases is quicker and speeds up the reload process.

Two button styles are available, either Bullseye or Crescent, along with Black Oxide or Matte Stainless color options to best match a shooter’s revolver. The ejector components are made of stainless steel for durability and longevity. The shape will not impact compatibility with most leather holsters. The package includes the Ejector Rod Assembly and installation instructions.

• Material: stainless steel
• Finish (button): black oxide or matte stainless
• Length: 4 inches
• Width: 0.42 inches
• Height: 0.77 inches (Bullseye), 0.82 inches (Crescent)
• Diameter: 0.156 inches (rod)
• Weight: 0.5 oz

Proudly made in Keene, NH.


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