The pre64win facebook page posted a little about this excellent Van Orden “sniper.” Everything about it is correct and in Van Orden’s preferred configuration, even the optic Van Orden favored. The sporter stock with no checkering is classic Van Orden. I have doubts about this optic being used in an active sniper unit, in VN though. I would bet it was used by rifle teams for the national matches. But, anything is possible.


Delivered to the US Army Rifle Team on June 19, 1955, this US PROPERTY Van Orden sniper model 70 is equipped with a later but also documented USMC marked Lyman Super Targetspot scope, raising all kinds of questions about its sniper unit service history. A close look will also reveal some unique armorer modifications, probably a result of making due with parts available. As is often the case, the real value of these rifles is imagining the stories they could tell!


  1. Even in a military contract configuration, the pre-64 Winchester is still arguably one of the most attractive (to the eye) bolt action rifles ever made.

  2. I was thinking Van Orden was that guy in Vietnam who kept preaching that rice was the best weapon we weren’t taking advantage of. Never heard of the other.


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